citrix server packet loss

I'm at a site where there are citrix servers in a LAN connected to a switch stack (4 switches) ... there are lots of packets drops within the LAN, lot of retransmissions to/from the citrix server to any host in the LAN .. I'm looking at the possible reasons for this packet loss in LAN ... ? any pointers to look at ...
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Brain2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There can be several factors.  A bad network cable causing CRC errors.  The capacitors in the switch are going bad.  The switches are configured for half duplex and are seeing lots of collisions...

Can you post the switch configs and the log that showed the packet drops?
bigbunk390Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To add to what Brian wrote above, the switch ports duplex settings and the duplex settings on the NIC for the citrix servers should be the same.

DO you also get packet drops from Server to Server?
nabeel92Author Commented:
got it fixed..just a bad cable...
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