adobe indesign cs4 text is only grayscale -- how to color it?

This must be pretty basic but I can't find the answer.  I've got a nicely colored image in InDesign CS4 onto which I want to add brightly colored text.  I click on the text tool and type the text, which starts out black.  When I go to the color picker, it shows only a contiuum of gray from all black to all white.  The swatches tool lets me choose from a handful of basic colors, but why am I not seeing a text color picker of 16 million colors?  How do I make it show up?  Much appreciated.
firebloodSAS ProgrammerAsked:
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Sigurdur ArmannssonDesigner Commented:
In the Color panel there is a fly-out menu.

Activate it by clicking on the three lined icon in the upper right corner.
Choose either CMYK for printwork or RGB for brighter web and screen colors.
You will now see much more colors which you can pick up by clicking anywhere in that field.
firebloodSAS ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Good answer!  Thanks!
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