Exporting a PNG sequence of the movieclip on the stage

I'd like to know the correct method for exporting my stage contents as a png sequence using either CS3 or CS4.

The file->export movieclip->as png sequence refuses to work intuitively and only exports a single frame. Googling for answers results in things like "change your instance to a graphic and set it to loop" etc but none of those settings seem to have an effect.

I have attached a simple animation that I would like to export as a png sequence, would be great if someone can point out what absurd unintuitive settings are required for this simple functionality to work on my movieclip.
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sheepfactoryAuthor Commented:
Ok here is how it works.

1) Create your animations however you like (nested symbols etc)
2) Drop them on to the stage
3) Select all instances on the stage and change their type to "Graphic" from the property windows
4) Make sure that your main timeline has as much frames as your longest nested animation, that is, just add a keyframe on your maintimline at that point. The number of frames that the png exporter exports is equal the number of frames on your maintimeline and blatantly ignores the frames of the nested movieclips. So you have to manually speicify that number.
Flashes Export to PNG Sequence only targets the main timeline, no nested movie clips within it.

If you wanted to do this, you would need to put the nested timeline on your main timeline and then do it (which then works 100% fine).
sheepfactoryAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response John.

A colleague of mine exported his nested movieclips recently by converting his stage instance to a graphic and then turning its loop option 'on'. However this is not working in my case. Might boil down to how that nested animation is constructed (whether it uses tweens or simple frames) and that is what I need clarification on.

The simplest of flash animations require nested movie clips aka symbols on the stage and it would be quite sad if the export to png sequence functionality is this primitive.
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