citrix application error mesage looses focus and remains hidden

We have been given access to a citrix application (hyperion) I don't know full details yet but I followed the instructions and can login and open an excel spreadsheet on the remote server when logged in under administrator account.  As soon as I logon as the user I can logon, drill down to the required template, double click to open but then Excel partially opens the file and gets stuck.  The only way out is to kill the applicaiton using task manager.

The app hangs when the alert messages associated with opening the Excel spreadsheet  (standard update/dont update) occurs, the PC beeps but the alert message does not have the focus and remain hidden behind other open applications.  Alt-Tab does not bring up the altert, the only way to get the alert is to kill the process, reconnect and then the previously opened excel spreadsheet is open with the altert having the focus.  I have installed XenApp Plugin (Client) - Version 11.0.150 and given authenticed users full rights to the c:\program files\citrix\ica client folder.

If I logon as administrator it works, if I logon as user it doesnt.  I  have installed successfully for another user on a different PC.
Any suggestions please?
Jenny CoulthardInformation Technology ManagerAsked:
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Try the steps in this link: after you load the excel app provided in citrix, then logoff.
Re-login and try to load your template.
Jenny CoulthardInformation Technology ManagerAuthor Commented:
I get where you are coming from and this idea will partially work, the problem I have is that all alerts loose focus so if you close the spreadsheet without saving first you do not get to see the 'do you wish to save changes' message.
What you have suggested means in theory means we can open the file without having to crash the system first, execpt  that I think it has broken links and we cant control these as setup remotely.  I will run now and see.
Jenny CoulthardInformation Technology ManagerAuthor Commented:
No luck with this idea.  I do not have permissions to set the update to manual and setting the 'do not prompt for udpates' does not make any difference.
I tried clearing the IE history to see if this was causing problems, also tried giving the user administrator rights and still no success
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It's definitely  not a local problem. The issue is on the Citrix server, since it is hosting excel and access to the spreadsheet.

Do you support the Servers or does someone else?
Jenny CoulthardInformation Technology ManagerAuthor Commented:
Someone else supports the server and they have never had this problem before.  I have checked the citrix forums and appears to be a big problem but cant get a soloution.
I have tried, changing screen resoultion, changing the SealessFlags registry settings, installing newer version of XenApp Web Plug-in, older version of program neighbourhood with no luck.
Jenny CoulthardInformation Technology ManagerAuthor Commented:
I ended up creating a new profile for this user and the problem is now fixed.  didnt spend any time working out why it happened, just glad that it was OK fixed.

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