Mobile Phone - Suggestion Please

Dear Experts

I am searching for a mobile phone to buy, having some features that I have listed below

The features that MUST HAVE are the following
1) 3G
         -- watching TV channels
         -- Video Call ( So it should have Front Camera )
        -- Internet
2) Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC)
       OS - Windows Mobile 6 or later
3) Touch Screen
4) Expandable Memory (Memory Card Support)
5) Good Resolution

If it have these features also it would be VERY GOOD!
6) Dual SIM
7) Camera clarity - atleast average ( If >= 5MP Great! )
8) FM Radio
9) Good Internal Memory ( > 100MB - RAM )
10) Good Processing Speed

If it have these features also, it would be GREAT!!
11) WLAN (Wi-Fi)
12) GPS
13) EDGE

I know no need to specify these basic features, that are common now-a-days in all phones
14) Bluetooth
15) GPRS
16) Mp3 Player
17) Vibration

I prefer these models
- sony ericsson
- LG
- Nokia
- Motorola

I am not sticking to these models. But if there are other models having these features, you may please suggest. But it should have service in India.

My budget - maximum upto Rs.20,000/- (Indian Rupees)   /   450 US Dollars
To convert it to your currency, please check this

I am sure, anyone of you may have a mobile phone that have these features. Hope they will respond first.

Before posting your suggestion, please make sure that phone is having atleast the MUST HAVE features that I am looking for.

Your suggestions are heartily welcome. ( Please post the link to that phone's specifications, also )

Thanks for your patience :)
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Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerAsked:
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Samsung Omnia is a great phone that will do everything apart from Dual Sim.  450 dollars may stretch to a samsung omnia pro b7610 which has a bigger screen, native WM6.5 and a pop out qwerty keyboard.

Back to the omnia.  I have one and have flashed the ROM from WM 6.1 to WM 6.5.  The camera is pretty decent for a mobile phone - 5MP.  It has 8gb of internal storage although a 16gb exists.  A micro SD card is included which supports up to 8Gb to a max total of 24gb (or 16 if you buy the 8gb version)

I can thoroughly recommend an omnia, I love mine and will be buying the b7610 in May as I find the only thing missing (to make it perfect) is the keyboard.  I do have a bluetooth keyboard for my omnia but it is a bit cumbersome if im not on the train.

3G isnt great for watching TV/youtube, you really need a better signal to get HSDPA (which both support).  I found that 3G results in buffering unless it is a small clip.  Since it is WM though you can install all sorts of browsers or browser helpers to buffer content.  The omnia will output to a TV via composite video too - great if you are in a hotel and have movies on your phone!  The GPS on the omnia is "ok" not brilliant and sometimes needs a quick reset to lock onto satellites if you are in a hurry.  Typically if I soft reset, the gps locks on in under 30 seconds.  If I dont reset then it could take up to 2 minutes.  Either way it works fine with google maps and tomtom satnav software.

I find the processor adequate to run TomTom satnav, take a call over bluetooth bonded to my car (ford convers+), play movies, stream audio to the car.  If I had to nitpick there is only one problem with the omnia (that was rectified in the omnia II and pro) and that is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone socket.  You need to use a small cable (that is supplied) which means you cannot charge AND listed to music through the headphone socket at the same time.  I bought a cable for a few pounds from ebay that splits the samsung cable into TV out, charging and headphones but it is cumbersome.

Omnia i900
omnia pro

Although both models will play mp3, divx, mpgs I recommend buying coreplayer ( as this has played everything short of HD movies.  But again, there are so many applications that may do the same for free.

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Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Armengar

I will be back after checking your suggestions

Sorry, I missed the internal RAM question. I installed a program called showcase which show the RAM in use.  I can easily run TomTom and internet explorer at the same time (usually to find the addresses!) and have 60% RAM remaining.  I have never run out of RAM when doing anything on the phone.  When the phone is idling it has 82% RAM remaining.  I dont think I was very clear when I said the phone has 8gb (or 16gb) internal storage *and* a micro SD card.  I dont use the micro SD as 8gb is plenty for me.  I have used it to install software though but I usually take it out of the phone.  The omnia pro has 1gb of internal storage and a further micro SD slot so you will most likely need a microSD for the pro.  In the omnia, the SD card is note removable with the battery in place so you would need to power down if you swapped it a lot.

One thing I would look out for in smartphones is battery life.  I also have an LG EVE android phone.  Horrific battery life on the LG eve!  I get over 1 day of my normal use (push email, music throughout the day, odd surfing, wifi at work, 30 mins calls) I say over 1 day as I usually charge the phone if im near a PC and dont let it run dry.  If I wasnt charging the phone you get about 3-4 hours from TomTom from a full charge.  Light use, (just email and a few calls) then 3 days+ is reachable.
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Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
An impressive comment I got from you :)

But when I checked its price in
it seems to be raised very above my budget. :(

About price, did I got right information from the sites ?

Your comments helped me to find another phone that costs within my budget  (But it is Windows Phone)
Samsung S8000 Jet

Any other Windows phone near to my budget ?

Thanks again for your time :)
Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Sorry. In my comment about Samsung S8000 Jet, I missed to type 'NOT'.
I meant...  (But it is not a Windows Phone)

In my opinion the best phone is the HTC HD2
Go here and watch out this review:
I've go an HTC DIAMOND, it's really good brand! my suggest is to buy an HTC mobile windows phone.
Fully upgradable, easy, powerfull with any kind of app!
In my opinion is the best!
Go there for a top 15 phones:

Hope it help your choice!
best regards
Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks pandarossa.

But as mentioned, my budet is Rs.20,000/-. Price of HTC HD2 is more than double of my budget :(

Can you please suggest other Windows phone within my budget?

Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Armengar's suggestion - Samsung Omnia is somewhat near my budget. I like that phone. Any other suggestion, Armengar ?

Not really.  I am happy with my omnia.  I looked into this 18 months ago when I first bought my omnia with very similar requirements to you except I wanted satnav on my phone as I do a lot of driving in different cars so I did not want to carry around a handful of devices.  I did like the HTC and HTC pro offerings at the time and prefer the HTC touchflo interface *but* there are many touchflo replacements that can be put onto the omnia i900, and I found the HTC to be far more expensive (which was a shame).

If I had to sum up problems with the omnia, I would say that initially the lack of integrated stylus was a pain - this is assuming you keep WM 6.1 on there.  Since I flashed WM 6.5 onto the omnia I have never used a stylus or felt the need to find a "pen tip" etc.  WM6.5 is far better than WM 6.1.  The lack of a proper 3.5mm headphone socket is awkward but I bought a cable to compensate.  There is no car cradle for the omnia, I use a brodit clip mount and a normal cigar light -> omnia cable which is not ideal but necessary.  Apart from that, the lack of a proper qwerty keyboard for typing emails has been my only major "wish" for the phone, hence me trading this one up for an omnia pro.

I do know that a friend of mine had an LG GM 750 which crashed and locked up regularly.  After his second phone doing the same he sent it back and paid more for a HTC HD2 which he likes.  

The i900 omnia is not a new phone - well over 2 years old - so you may have luck in the second hand market.  Be aware that you would probably need another battery but these arent expensive.
Oh for an edit button.  Satnav isnt included, I bought a TomTom 6 CD for the phone and installed it.  You can use google maps and there are multiple applications for this.  There is a GPS inside the phone and an accelerometer (for phone tilting) but no digital compass.
Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for all of your comments yet.

Could you please comment about this phone. It costs Rs.22050  (which is very near my budget. I think I can afford this phone)

Samsung B7610

Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:

I forgot in a hurry that Armengar has commented about this phone here. But somewhere I saw the price of this phone is very high.

Something confused me and got wrong.

Ignore my post, Armengar :)
Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions!!

I like Samsung Omnia which seems to be a great phone with rich features!
Also HTC diamond is very good.

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