Transferring Domain Controller to New Hardware

We have one domain and one D.C.
We want to move the existing 2003 Standard D.C. to new, more stable hardware running Server 2008 Standard.
I have read the following two articles:
How does the process change when replicating data between server 2003 and server 2008?
We want to keep the same computer name and I.P. on the new harware
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The articles that you mentioned are certainly a good starting point. You will need to upgrade the forest/domain schemas to support 2008 server DC's using the adprep command from the 2008 CD and make sure that the domain functional level is 2003 native as per:

As you want the new server to keep the name/ip of the old server you will need to rename it once everything is created and the old server has been successfully removed from the domain as you can't have 2 servers with the same name.

The best way to do what you want is:
1- Upgrade forest/domain as pheletaylor says
2- Promote the 2008 with other name and IP to DC with dcpromo
3- Transfer fsmo roles from the 2003 to the 2008 DC
4- Make sure that the 2008 DC is Global Catalog
5- Demote the 2003 to member servers with dcpromo
6- Delete the 2003 from the domain
7- Change IP of the new DC
I think that rename the 2008 DC is not a good idea because it can cause a lot of problems and i don't understand why do you want to change it, what problem do you have to give the 2008 DC a new name?
If you want I can help you with all the process, only say what you don't know and I will tell you the process more detailed.

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garion1Author Commented:
Thanks philetaylor
How long does one need to schedule for a transfer like this?
Must the network be unavailable during this process i.e. No users/servers may log in during this transfer?
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garion1Author Commented:
Thanks WindowsITAdmin
You are right. We don't really have to keep the same machine name. If it will avoid problems, we will give it a new name and leave it that way.

As WindowsITAdmin said (and I should have mentioned as well) I wouldn't rename the DC unless it was absolutely necessary. I have done it a couple of times with no ill effects but it isn't recommended.

As far as the time is concerned, it really depends on the size of your domain (which I would guess if you have a single DC is fairly small). The only time that users will notice any disruption is when you domain the old DC. Until this point the old DC will be fully available and able to service login requests etc.

I often add a new DC and then leave everything for a good few hours to make sure that everything has replicated successfully (check event log closely!)

Change the name on a DC will be very dificult and it's not recommended (for example)

For all the migration that I comment you will need about 3-4 hours doing it slowly and making proves. I suggest you to do it in 3 times:
Day 1- Adprep and dcpromo of the new DC
Day 2- Trasnfer FSMO roles and global catalog to the 2008
Day 3- Demote 2003 and change the IP of the 2008
And i will wait 1 or 2 days between them to check possible errors and solve them before make next moves.

Do you need details of some of this procedures?
I don't want to stress the point as I agree that renaming a DC should only be done when really necessary (and the OP has already said that he won't do it now) but the KB article 195242 refers to Windows 2000 which didn't allow you to rename a DC.

The ability to rename a DC using the NETDOM.EXE command was added in 2003 and it does actually work pretty well!
I know it is possible, but not recommended. I paste the first article i found.
garion1Author Commented:
Thanks for the advice. To confirm, once we have run adprep and made sure that the domain functional level is 2003 native, can we follow the instructions set out in the articles provided in my initial question?
Yes absolutely, you must ensure that you check the event logs on both servers very closely at each point though as any failures can result in an incomplete transfer.

Before you start, I would also check the event log on the old server to make sure that AD is running properly.
garion1Author Commented:
Thank you very much philetaylor and WindowsITAdmin
We will start with Phase 1 today (ADPREP and DCPROMO)
For the benefit of other users, I will not accept any solutions until we have successfully completed the transfer.
garion1Author Commented:
Phase 1 successful. We will monitor event logs until tomorrow evening and begin transfer of FSMO roles and global catalog.
Veru well! :)
Good luck tomorrow. Remember to TRANSFER FSMO roles, not seize them.
If you have any question please comment.

Hope this helps.
garion1Author Commented:
Phase 2 successful. FSMO roles transferred. New DC is up and running and the PDC. We now have 2 DC's running on the network. We will monitor for a day and then remove old DC from network.
Finally will youl change the IP or redirect the clients?
Here you have the method to change it in a 2003, it's very similar un 2008. Remember to check the DNS records (included NS, SRV and other services records) after demote the DC and after change the IP.
garion1Author Commented:
Everything is stable. We are going to run 2 DC's and point the clients to the PDC as a primary DNS. Thank you for your assistance. It was actually a quick and problem free transition.
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