Is it possible to create a software Raid1 with Ubuntu 9.10 after installation?


I have Ubuntu 9.10 Running on my desktop, using a 500GB HDD. I have now added a second 500GB HDD. I was wondering if there was a way to build a Software RAID 1 under Ubuntu 9.10 without reinstalling everything?

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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Should be possible according to this link:
Yes it's possible

It will depends on what you what to mirror a single FS or your entire install.

Tell me more about what you wantm it shoub be easy to mirror the /home FS.

This is a guide for converting a Linux system to RAID, although it's written for RedHat, you'll get a good idea of how to make the conversion. It's quite complex.


Regards, Tobias
DavidpaAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the late reply i was traveling in UK for business. THank you for your answers guys i shall try it tonight.

To Bouqui: my wish is to mirror my whole HDD to the Second if it's possible.
The link provided a a very in deep procedure has you will see it's not a trivial process.

I would start by just mirroring your /home filesystem if you have a separate home partition, because this is where your personal data is.

After that you can just backup /etc in /home/backup and you have a miror copy of all important data.

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