How to get input from TV to Laptop using HDMI Data Cable?

I am having a TV with HDMI Port , Laptop with HDMI Port, HDMI Cable. I can get HDMI Input from Laptop to TV. But i cant get input from TV to Lapop.

Please help
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Sorry I don't quite understand what you want to do. The laptop HDMI port is only an output port, it will not receive an input. If you want to receive a video input on your laptop, you will need some kind of video capture device.

Can you explain what it is you want to achieve?
hi, you must have a capture device in order to see on your PC what you get on your TV!
Hdmi is only an output port!

To see your tv image on your pc you have to use this:
or something like it!

best regards!
PorpathamAuthor Commented:
My problem solves. And i got answer that we cant get input Via HDMI Cable and port.
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