sharing calender on ms outlook web portal

i want to know if there is a way my users can share their calender on exchange web portal
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mattibuttAuthor Commented:
the application is called Microsoft office outlook web access
Which version of Exchange?  If users change the permissions on Outlook, then other users who have the correct permissions can get read access to those calendars by navigating to the calendars OWA view URL.
mattibuttAuthor Commented:
i have exchange server 2003 please provide some guidance how to configure this our exchange server 2003
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Okay, well first you need to configure the permissions on the calendars you are sharing.  This is most easily done in Outlook.  Right-click the calendar you want to share, then look at its properties; specifically, the security permissions.  Here you can add other users to the list, and give them permission to view the calendar.  It is possible to give users permission to create items in the calendar, but if you are only going to access them in Outlook Web Access, you will only ever be able to read them, because OWA offers only read access to shared calendars.

Then, for the user who now has permissions to access the calendar, they must use a special OWA URL.  Instead of the usual


they now use


where is the calendar owners smtp address, and 'calendar' at the end is the calendar name that appears in outlook in your local language.

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mattibuttAuthor Commented:
thats sorted so i have setup calender view permission using the following tool Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folder DAV-based Administration Tool now question is can all users right on the same calender or its not possible
Sorry, I don't know what you mean by right.  Or do you mean can they get write access (i.e. add and change items) in the calendar?
mattibuttAuthor Commented:
ok i spoken to my user he wants to edit inside the mail calendar where he sees the calendar instead of seeing as a url
If your user wants to edit/add/delete items in someone else's calendar, then they will not be able to user Outlook Web Access for this.  They will need to use normal Outlook.
mattibuttAuthor Commented:
he has used in the past i believe it might be a plugin which is integrated in the webmail your view on this matter?
mattibuttAuthor Commented:
have you heard of this plugin is it cheaper and easier to install sorry for confusing you
There is an addin called MessageWare OWA Plus Pack which improves the operation of OWA.  I've not tried it, but this may be what you are thinking of?
mattibuttAuthor Commented:
thanks buddy i think i will have to find a way to do it via outlook instead of OWA because its a limited tool
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