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We recently had a server go down which was running our DNS etc.  This has all been moved onto a new server, but some workstations are still reverting back to the old DNS server.  Some workstations log on with out any problem and have the correct (new DNS server IP address) others take for ever to log on and when then do they have the old DNS IP.  Some will be working fine and then for no reason certain netowkr programs will stop working, after looking at the DNS settings i notice that the IP has reverted back to the old one.  If I repair the connection it picks up the correct DNS settings...

I have tried flushing the DNS on these machines, but it still happens.  I have also re-installed the network cards but still it continues.  

Does anyone have any ideas as to which could be causing this and what would be a way to fix it?

My domain controller is  running Server 2008

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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Check that all the clients are being configured using DHCP and that the DHCP server is handing out the correct info.

Check ipconfig/all for the the DHCP server the clients are using to verify they are getting info from the ccorrect server

Any cleints staticly configured also need to be modified.
Mohammad Ishtyaq KhatriCommented:
1. Check the clients are set to obtain IP address automatically.

2. If they are using IP's assigned by DHCP, then remove that machine from the domain, Login in with administrator flus the dns then again make this machine a member of domain.
as experts suggested first of all you have to check from where do these clients boxes getting their ip addresses, imean from which dhscp server then go to that dhcp and configure the DNS scope option on it to assign your new DNS server ip addresses, this being done restart your machines or do a manual ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew commands on these machines and check if this resolves your problem.
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d10u4vAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone how helped me on this matter.  After refreshing Workstations NIC's and flush DNS on our servers a few times (and a reboot) things seem to have been fixed.  
d10u4vAuthor Commented:
I mean "WHO" helped me...
Mohammad Ishtyaq KhatriCommented:
Great Job "d10u4v well done, congrats!!
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