Running custom reports in Sage

Hello, I've been asked to make a modification to an existing report within Sage.

I can open the Balance Sheet report within the report design tool, but I can't modify it.  I can however save it under a different file name and then make modifications.

This is fine, but I cant seem to find how to then run that customized report within Sage.  I've never used the product before, so don't really know my way around.

Also, I'm not sure what section to post this question, but there were a few other sage questions in here so went with it.

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obrienjAuthor Commented:
Okay, I had found the solution in the few days before a response.  

Although the above comment helps, it actually would not work for in this instance.  The financial reports appear to be different to other reports.  You don't get a choice of which report to run.  It will always run the file.

So I had to create a new file, make the changes, copy it to the location as you advise and then rename both files so that my new one is now called

The Sage software will then choose the new report when you click the balance sheet button.
Nick DennyCommented:

Certain Sage reports cannot be renamed (like the Balance Sheet for example).
As you point out though you can save as a different name.

When saving, you need to save in the default report path - which in XP for example may be:
C:\Program Files\Sage\Accounts\REPORTS\Finance

To find the path, do a search for "BS.layout" (the balance sheet report) through windows explorer to locate the original file and file path.
Then save your renamed file in the same location.
You should then have both the original and adapted to choose from when running reports.


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