Unable to FTP to third party server

I am trying to FTP through to a third part website but I am getting the response FTP forbidden in Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. I have also tried to connect through the command line and this hasn't been successful either.

When I have tried FTP through the command line I have done a Wireshark packet capture and it shows that my machine sends a SYN packet through to the server, but they packet that is received back is a reset packet. I have tried the connection through a different machine on different domain and it works fine.

The details below are from the Reset packet that I recieved back from the FTP server

47      33.892434      Third party      My Computer      TCP      ftp > ccmad [RST, ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1 Win=64512 Len=6
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using a different public IP address when you go from the other PC?

Typically if you receive a RST in response to a SYN the remote system is filtering by IP address and is nicely telling you "go away."

MartynLawsonAuthor Commented:
You are correct. The url that Iwas supplied and that our user had been supplied was incorrect and therefore we were not permitted to access the site.

Many thanks for your help
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