Win 2003 and win 2008 DC

I have one win 2003 PDC then later i added win 2008 64-bit ADC to the same domain where win 2003 is installed, Later i removed win 2003 Dcfrom network and seized all the roles in win 2008 Dca nd made it as PDC. Now if i connect both the DC's with win 2003 and win 2008 installed on them will their be any issue ? And also help me how should i remeve AD from win 2k8 and make it as normal server as i tried with DCPROMO command and its giveing error saying it will not be able to complete this operation.
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YogeshSLKAuthor Commented:
Thanks every on e for the valuable comments. Thew issue got resolved only after reinstalling the win 2008 OS and then installing AD on the system and making it as ADC.
Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
You should have moved the roles not siezed them, but there is no issue having a 2k3 and 2008 dc operating in the same domain. You would have to move roles over to the w2k3 box before you demote the 2008 box but what is it you are trying to do? as it all sounds a bit chaotic.

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Why did you seize the FSMO roles - you should have cleanly transferred them - seizing is a last resort option.

I don't idnerstand the "Now if i connect both the DC's with win 2003 and win 2008 installed on them will their be any issue " since you say that your removed one of them

If you want to remove a DC then tou need to make sure that you
TRANSFER all the FSMO roles.
Make sure at least on existing DC is a Global Catalog
Make sure at least one existing DC is a DNS server
Make sure at least one existing DC is a DHCP server (if you use DHCP)
Make sure all the clients point to a remaining DNS server as their DNS server
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If I have understand it you have seized the FSMO roles, you have NOT deleted the 2003 DC from AD and you have unplugued it. Is it correct?
This is not the way to do it, the correct is do it like KCTS says. Now you have 2 options, connect the 2003 and pray for have no problems or delete it form AD (this means make a metadata cleanup), reinstall the 2003 and then run a clean DCPROMO. I suggest you the second way.

Hope this helps.
YogeshSLKAuthor Commented:

see what i have now is two dc's installed on win 2003 and win 2008 but in same domain. i have seized all the roles in win 2008 dc when win 2003 dc was not online which had all the roles in it. Now i have connected win 2003 also to the network and win 2008 is also in network. My question is will their be any issue if i have all the roles in both the DC's and also let me know how can i remove the AD installed on win 2008 DC.
Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:

You cannot have the roles on both dc's so this is not an option, you would have to transfer the roles to the 2003 server before you could remove the 2008 server.

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Agreed - once you have seized the roles then that it as far as the other server is concerned - it should NEVER be brought back on-line.

You should do a metadata cleanup on the remaining machine to remove the failed DC completely from Active Directory

The other machine can then be rebuilt (or dcpromo /forceremoval) and then be added back as a new DC.

If you just add it back as it is the two machines will both assume they are FSMO role holders and AD will be compromised
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