Encrypting a Dual Operating System with GRUB boot

I have a laptop with GRUB boot on it that has Fedora and Windows XP.  I was told that the grub boot is installed on a seperate partition than windows and fedora.  Its on a 512mb boot partition.  So I want to encrypt my windows xp partition, and when I use TrueCrypt, I go to select Multi-boot and it says that I can't do this.  If I select Single-boot instead, will this effect the grub boot manager?
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gtkfreakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is the install guide. Take a backup before trying any of these.
When you install Fedora (12) it asks if you want to encrypt your Fedora partitions. Go ahead and use that. However, it could mean that you may need to re-install Fedora once more.

For Windows XP encryption, you could use Volume or Container encryption. You can move your data to a different partition in Windows and use Volume encryption or you could move it to a truecrypt container file in any partition on your Windows system.
cmb991Author Commented:
I already have fedora installed, is there any way to encrypt it without reinstalling it?

For windows xp, can I just use TrueCrypt and select single-boot?
Truecrypt is the best solution. You can encrypt it easily without re-installing.

Have a read through the Beginners section at the Documents link.
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