MID equivalent in Javascript


I have a list of people's name and dates in a string, each separated by a comma:

"john 01/01/2000, tom 01/07/2010"

Using IndexOf, I'm able to check a person's name against this list. But I want to return their date and not just whether they're on the list or not.

Using "john" as an example, my theory is that I get the length of the name "john", add 1 character to it and then use a MID equivalent function that will put the next 10 characters into a variable and this will be the date. My pseudocode in the last line needs to be fixed, can someone please help? Many thanks in advance
var people='john 01/01/2000, tom 01/07/2010';
var theposition = people.indexOf('john');

if (theposition >= 0 )		//name is found
var namelength = 'john'.length + 1;
var returndate = mid(people,(theposition + namelength),10);

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Try substr function like below:

var people='john 01/01/2000, tom 01/07/2010'; 
var theposition = people.indexOf('john'); 
if (theposition >= 0 )          //name is found 
   var namelength = 'john'.length + 1; 
   var returndate = people.substr(theposition+namelength, 10);

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You mean something like substring?
people.substring(theposition + namelength, theposition + namelength+10);


You can write your own function and keep it in a library.  My version of the MID function is included below.

          str - the string we are LEFTing
          start - our string's starting position (0 based!!)
          len - how many characters from start we want to get

          returns: The substring from start to start+len
        function Mid(str, start, len)
                // Check 'start' and 'len' parameter validity
                if (start < 0 || len < 0) return "";

                var iEnd, iLen = String(str).length;
                if (start + len > iLen)
                        iEnd = iLen;
                        iEnd = start + len;

                return String(str).substring(start,iEnd);

kbitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for such fast replies, all answers worked but I used the first one (because it was first)
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