Exchange 2007 - Creating and Managing Address Books

I need to create a number of department specific address books, populate them from the GAL and then hide the GAL from users.  Reason is that users are defaulting to the GAL and are sending emails to the first user that pops up rather than checking the full receipient name.  Does anyone have a checklist of how to go about doing this?

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ilantzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi cmdown,

I believe this is the guide you are looking for:
it's quite a complicated solution, be sure to follow the guide closely.

Good Luck !
cmdownAuthor Commented:
He shreedhar
Thanks for your quick response.  I've had a quick look at the articles but, being somewhat cautions with Exchange 2007, I don't feel there is enough detail in the techtarget section on managing lists which is what I'm needing to do.  
cmdownAuthor Commented:
Hi ilantz - I'll have a look at the guide tomorrow
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