Win7 desktop icon placement/KVM/Resolution

Using Windows 7 Ultimate, a KVM connected to XP, my Windows 7 screen resolutions changes and my icons get realigned freequently.
I unse a KVM to view a 2nd desktop that I need for test purposes. It can't go up to the high res that Wi ndows7 goes to due to it's graphics adaptor. When I switch back to Win7, my screen res is way of and my icons are sometines realigned.

In Win7, if I make a custom layout for Icons on my desktop, how can I lock that layout?
How can I stop the screen res from changing with the KVM use?
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Tony GiangrecoAsked:
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This usually happens because you have your icons arranged from top of the desktop to button so when you change the resolution (or switch to the KVM), the Icons (size) become bigger and hence don't fit in the screen so the OS moves the Icons to the next line respectivly.

I suggest arranging your Icons from left to right but only to the middle of the screen so that when the resolution changes to something lower the Icons still fit in the screen.

Hope this helps
I am typing this on an XP box - with a KVM to a Windows 7 box - but have never seen what you describe happen.

If you can give some more details, I will try to replicate the problem here and then work through it.

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