XML diff tool required!!

Hi all,

I'm in the middle of writing a testing framework and I need to write a function that will take 2 XML files and compare them.

So, basically my needs are I need to create a function that will take in the following parameters:-
 * The 2 file locations
 * The elements to find within each XML file and only compare these elements
 * Possibly the XPATH to these elements if there are multiple occurances

Output from the function will be Pass or Fail, if Fail, then the inconsistent line in each file will be output as well.

All this I have to do using VBScript
Now, what my initial thoughs on this are, set up a function that takes in the above parameters, then passes these parameters to an xml diff tool (using the command line), then retrieves the results back from the tool.

Anyone got any idea of a tool that can do this that open source?!?

All info greatly appreciated on this.
Many thanks.

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The tool by MS can produce a diffgram which contains all the differences between two documents.

paddykoolAuthor Commented:

This should get me started.
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