Unable to uninstall Lotus Notes

PC running Windows XP, SP 2.

Lotus Notes was previously installed. The computer was being prepped for a new user, so Lotus Notes was uninstalled to create a "clean install" for the new user. All the LN folders were deleted.

Lotus Notes 7.0.2 was installed. Upon initial launch/opening/run of Lotus Notes, an error was received that a .dll was corrupt or missing and it was suggested that the application be reinstalled or repaired. A repair to Lotus Notes was performed, however the .dll error returned.

Lotus Notes was then uninstalled, the computer rebooted, the Lotus directories uninstalled and the computer rebooted. Lotus Notes was installed again. However, now the computer thinks that two versions of Lotus Notes are installed. It will not open Lotus Notes because it reports that "Another version of this product is already installed"

Lotus Notes is not in the Add/Remove programs, nor is it listed in the Programs list of the Start Menu. The lotus directory is also absent from the c:\ drive.

How do we completely uninstall Lotus Notes?
KIP HelpAsked:
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Check the registry (Run > regedit > OK) in this path:


and delete duplicate version if you find it.

Be careful with the registry, I suggest you first export the whole Lotus key folder (right click - Export) so you can always revert the changes.

I have version 6.5 and version 8.5 installed and this is how it's supposed to look:

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If you have that option, install v8.5.2.
Version 7 is the worst LN version ever released, even IBM agrees with this.

If you delete Notes folder in registry you can at least install it again and try to solve the problem that way.
Hi rjfhelp,

I'm sure there will be a way around this problem, but is there anything preventing you from rebuilding the PC with a clean copy of XP.
It doesn't really take that long does it... and as a new user it's always nice to have a clean install so you don't have everyone else's account history etc.

the clean install will also give you better performance and fewer issues like the above where software was previously registered to the previous user etc.

If you are not prepared or are unable to perform a format and rebuild of XP then take a look in the following locations on the PC:

c:\program files\lotus\notes\data
c:\program files\ibm\lotus\notes\data
c:\documents and settings\<username>\local settings\application data\lotus\notes\data

Which folder are you trying to install Lotus Notes to currently?
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KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
There is no Lotus Notes entry in the registry.

KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
To shuboarder:

The problem with a clean reload is that the system is in another city, more than two hours away.

There is no Lotus/Lotus Notes directory in any of those locations.

The default installation path for Lotus Notes for our installation has always been C:\Program Files\lotus
Anything in IBM folder?
If not try searching the registry from the top for Lotus and delete all the keys (export entire registry first).
KIP HelpAuthor Commented:

The IBM folder only has our client access emulator.

I will try the registry search and deletion.
Another problem: I see entries for 'ComputerAssociates', 'KasperskyLab', 'MacAfee', 'Symantec' AND 'TrendMicro'

All manufacturers of Anti Virus.  determine which one you use and get uninstallers from the sites of the others. Anti-virus products are notorious for being hard to remove and interfering with install/uninstall.

After uninstall of antivirus, and Notes, check the registry for lotus. you might find stuff about Mail client stuff etc. clean it. Also check that services entries (notes single logon for example, nsd in newer client installs) are also gone.
KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
A registry clean using 'notes' as the search priority fixed the issue.
  Hi there rjfhelp,,,

Could you please try the following :

- Copy the source where you using to install to the local drive of the PC
- Create a new local admin user on the PC and access it then start the installation .

I hope this helps ...
KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
The issue was fixed with a registry clean up.
KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
A registry clean, searching on the terms 'lotus' and 'notes' fixed the issue.
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