SMTP over smarthost


I have windows 2003 server installed AD.
I also installed EMAIL SERVER pop3 and smtp.
I use smarthost host with
My question is I receive emails but i can not send.?
any idea please?

I have DNS with MX record (
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Bruno PACIIT ConsultantCommented:

First of all, from your email server try the following command:

(where must be replaced by the FQDN name of the smarthost you configured in your mail server).

If the result is a whole black window with a cursor blinking at the top left for a second and then a SMTP banner appears, that means that the TCP session on TCP port 25 is established and that the smarthost is working.
If not, if you have only the black windows with the cursor blinking at top left but no banner that means the server you use as a smarthost is listening on TCP port 25 but has no mail service working.
If you have a black windows with the message "connecting to..." staying for many seconds that means that you cannot reach the smarthost server on port TCP 25 (SMTP) on that the server you use as a smarthost is not a SMTP relay server...

Can you tell us exactly what is the FQDN name or the IP address of the smarthost you use ?

Can you show us the configuration of the SMTP connector of your mail server (a screenshot of connector properties).

Have a good day.

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linuxdebianAuthor Commented:

respond :  220 ESMTP
linuxdebianAuthor Commented:
My email server was working but after re starting the computer,Its not sending mails.
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Bruno PACIIT ConsultantCommented:
ok, so the problem comes from your SMTP connector on your mail server.

It might be a lot of things.

The best way to have hints would be to enable SMTP logs if your mail server software can do that.
If you use Microsoft SMTP service then you can enable the SMTP log in the properties of the SMTP virtual server. You also have to check all the checkboxes in the advanced tab of the log properties to have all the useful informations in the log.

The SMTP log keep a trace of all the SMTP dialog that incomes to/outgoes from your mail server.

This log (if it exists) might show you the reason of any denying from the smarthost.
If there's no log on your mail server software you can then use a traffic sniffer (like WireShark or even the Network Monitor of Windows) to capture all the outgoing dialog between your server and smarthost.

Have a good day.
linuxdebianAuthor Commented:
I sent message from telnet session.MAIL QUIED wrote.But mail actually not sendet any idea.
(Firewall disable)
Bruno PACIIT ConsultantCommented:

What do you mean saying "I sent message from telnet" ? You open a TELNET session on prt 25 to your mail server to deliver him a mail ?
Or you made a TELNET session from your mail server to your smarthost and deliver a mail to the smarthost ??

linuxdebianAuthor Commented:
I did telnet session
telnet 25
and sent email
everything looks ok
queing message wrote this mean is everythink ok.
linuxdebianAuthor Commented:
I dont know what hapened with my network but after small tunning works again.

I would like to thank you.

I understood you know windows 2003 good.I need other questions Please pay attantion my other question.
Thnaks again
linuxdebianAuthor Commented:
New question ID: 25970310
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