KENWOOD HDV 910 Japanese all in one cr stereo

This might be a little random for this forum but ill try anyways.

A Friend of mine has a Honda Integra DC5 which is a import from Japan.

In it is a Kenwood HDV 910 which is a all in one TV, memory card, cd hard drive all singing all dancing stereo.

The Hard drive is full of random japanese music and i want to wipe it and put new stuff on. However in windows i cant seem to see it. It install and everything but nothing shows up in DManager.

Does anyone know how the hard drive is setup or what file system it is? Or how i can get this working?

Thanks for your help
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Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Updated Info.:
The file system format is: Kenwood original audio compression format  KSF (kenwood Sound Format)
You need a program called "MusicCellar" installed on your PC & it is in Japanese only.
KSF music files are created on a memory stick, & the compressed music data can only be tranfered via a memory stick to the hard drive using the HDV 910 Navi.
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