How do I prevent a citrix published desktop from adopting a local pc's mapped drives?

A couple of our users that work in a citrix published desktop environment have a problem with their mapped drives, because citrix overrides login scripts and manually mapped drives by assigning drive V:\  to the computers local C:\ drive.

Form some unknown reason this is only affecting an handful of users, but it is a major pain because we use the V:\ driver letter mapping globally for major application.

Is there any way to configure the citrix client to disregard local drive mappings or control which letter goes where?


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Depending on the version of Citrix you are running the location maybe different.
You may want to find "map client drives" setting and disable (turn off) it unless there is a reason you need it on.

If you are using server 2003 go to "terminal services configuration" in administrative tools, in connection choose "ica-tcp", right-click and select properties; client settings, and where it says "disable the following" check "drive mappings". Click oK and you should be done. Any user who is already logged in will need to relogin for the change to take effect.

I forgot to mention that you can use Citrix Policies to also disable client drive mapping for users, groups or servers. If you want some to have it and not others that would be a good way to go. But if you do go that route remember to remove the setting in the previous post since the policy is what you wnt regulating it.
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