Microsoft Outlook lagging

I have no idea why ms outlook started running slowly but it did and it is a hassle to check my email. Let me describe what it's doing....
When I open ms outlook it is fine and even sending/recieving email is fine but when I go to read through the emails it like takes a long time to load any email message. It will freeze up and take like minutes to pull up the message.... It is very frustrating. Thanks for any help you may be able to give me on this subject.... If i have not provided enough information please let me know.

Thank you,

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storminteractiveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, you should definitely consider splitting your emails into at least two .pst files. Create a 'backup.pst' folder, then move emails let's say older than 6 months in there and compact your folder. That should dramatically increase not only search performance but also the time your outlook starts.

Oh you may find this interesting as well - if you'd have Outlook Express having folder files bigger than 2GB can be quite dangerous, and can lead to data corruption. I've finished up recently with recovering 1 year of emails from backup cause of that...

Let me know if you need any help with that.

Try a reboot if you haven't yet.
Do the emails you're pulling up have attachments?
Anything abnormal running? backups/virus scan(currently backing up/scanning)
Do other programs work fine?(opening word files etc)
Are you running exchange?

Try running a scanpst or scanost incase the file is corrupt.

Also, how big is the pst file?
ssortizAuthor Commented:
Let em also clarify further and update what was done.
Only Outlook has issues. The rest of the office suite is fine. We do not have Exchange. It is a pop account. The pst file is about 5 GB.
1. We did a repair on Office Suite 2003.
2. We installed Office 2007 but rolled back because the macing only had 512 RAM.
3. Performed a System Restore.
4. Using the Dell restore console (I think by Symantec) we restored the computer to its original Dell configuration.

None of this seemed to resolve anything with outlook. I will be running a virus scan on the pst file this afternoon and will take SnowWolf's advice and run scanpst.
ssortizAuthor Commented:
All were helpful; what finally worked out was increasing RAM.
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