SMTP not sending emails created with ASP forms (and saved on the pickup folder)

Good morning, this problem is similar to the problem reported on question 20639012 but none of the possible solutions provided fixed this problem.

In summary, all the eml files that arrive at the pickup folder that have been created with the ASP forms on our web site are not being sent. Tinkering around we figured out that by copying/pasting these messages they would be sent right away.

We haven't made any changes on the SMTP configuration nor on the ASP forms. The messages are not sent after restarting the SMTP server or IIS, but they are sent immediately after restarting the server.

It looks like a file handle issue. What could possibly be holding these files or preventing the SMTP service from sending these emails? (all the other emails are being sent as usual)

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CSTX_AnalystsAuthor Commented:
Good morning, while we waited for your reply we continued troubleshooting this issue and I think we found the problem, it seems to be related to the Antivirus' exceptions configuration. Thanks for your reply.
Have you check the event log?
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