Printing tabloid book from a multi-document book

I have a book in InDesign that has about 50 documents spanning about 100 pages total.  I need to print the book in such a way that in tabloid and folded down the middle, the page number are like that of an actual book.

I have tried to do spreads but that just won't work since the original documents are 8.5x11, not 11x17.
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*SIGH* here we go again...
(and that's not aimed at you zero...)
What you want to do is called 'Imposition', which is laying out the pages of a book properly so that when it is folded (and in a larger printing project), bound, cut and trimmed, the final book reads properly.
Now in printing terminology, there are two types of spreads: printer spreads and reader spreads. What you have are reader spreads and you want to print out printer spreads.
I am pretty certain that Indesign cannot automatically generate printer spreads, so the best you can do is create them yourself, which takes a bit of work,especially when you have images or text that spans the fold on your reader spreads.
I can point you in the right direction, but you may find this a bit challenging.
Let's assume your book has 16 pages for simplicity, and each individual page is an individual page with nothing crossing over into other pages. First, you map out what your printer spreads should look like:
Front           Back
16 - 1          2 - 15
14 - 3          4 - 13
12 - 5          6 - 11
10 - 7          8 - 9
You would then set up a separate indesign document, and re-paginate by copying your pages into the proper position as shown. Note that when you add the folios of each spread the total equals the total number of pages in the book + 1.
Thats a push in the right direction. Take a look and let me know if you have more questions.
I am not clear on why you think spreads won't work? The whole point of printing a spread is that it would combine two 8.5 x 11 pages and print them as 11x17.
Regardless, you could try creating PDFs and then placing them in an Indesign book formatted at 11 x17...
zero118Author Commented:
It does print the spreads properly, except when they are stacked then folded.  On the first tabloid sheet printed, it should actually be the very first and last pages in the book printed.  The next sheet would have the second and second to the last pages, etc.
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Any luck?
zero118Author Commented:
Yes and no.  I have not tried printing on tabloid yet.  And honestly, I'm really hoping that CS5 corrects this oversight.  I will say though that I know your solution of printing the pages that way works.  This is my first time using InDesign with Books instead of a single file so I was hoping the features would be there to print it correctly.

Thanks for your help :-)
zero118Author Commented:
While not ideal, the solution does work.
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