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When dealing with terminal services to an XP Professional machine, is it possible to adjust it so that the person logged in has priority over the person attempting to login...
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B HCommented:
it would be easiest to show the logged on user how to disable terminal services, and be sure to re-enable it before they leave/logout

remember, the person connecting could be the same username as the person sitting there - how would we tell xp who to have priority, other than just stopping terminal services while in use
makaaaAuthor Commented:
do you think there are any programs which would allow this???
makaaaAuthor Commented:
so it is performed easily by the user with a GUI?? or thorugh a BAT file???
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Xp can have only one person connected and everyone with administrator privileges can close a logged sesion. If you want that someone can close other users sessions you have to make him local administrator of the computer.
If the person logged in Terminal Services is the same that wo wants to connect all them can "take" the session that is using the other but it's not a priority, it will become in a "session war".
A user that have terminal services acces but is not an administrator CAN'T close an administrator session. I think this is your best way.

Hope this helps.
Differentiate them? perhaps using different credentials,  so they can still interactively log on through TS but not with admin privileges and the person who will supersede all other users to have admin rights.
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