Phantom Users

I have three users with mailboxes in System Manager that cannot be deleted. The only way I can find these users is in ADUC search Entire Directory.

When I attempt to delete them from the search results dialog, I get the following error: Windows cannot delete object Temp User because: Directory object not found.
When I attempt to view/change properties from the search results dialog, I get this error:The operation failed. ID no: 800004005. Microsoft Active Directory - Exchange Extension.

When I attempt to access Exchange Tasks for the mailbox from ESM, I get: There is not such object on the server. Facility: LDAP Provider, ID no: 80072030, Microsoft Active Directory - Exchange Extension.

There is one of the mailboxes/user in particular that I need to remove, since I need to use the email address associated it.

Thank you.
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Can you try running repadmin /removelingeringobjects,as it looks to be the lingering objects & the object doesn't exists but due to replication not happening in one of dc,lingering object has been created.

Lingering objects removal
Glen KnightCommented:
If you right click on the users and ADUC and select Exchange Tasks, remove Exchange Attributes does this resolve the problem?
wfwalshiiiAuthor Commented:
If I right-click and select Exchange Tasks, that is when I get the error: The operation failed. ID no: 800004005. Microsoft Active Directory - Exchange Extension.
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Glen KnightCommented:
how many domain controllers do you have?
In ADUC, right click on the domain name and choose select domain controller, choose a DC other than the one you are on then try the task again.

Is the Exchange Server a domain controller? If so is it also a Global Catalog server?
wfwalshiiiAuthor Commented:
Domain is as follows:
maindomain - 3 DCs
subdomain - 1 DC

Nothing changes by connecting to a different domain controller.

Exchange server is not a domain controller.
wfwalshiiiAuthor Commented:
I have run this against each of the four DCs. The objects still remain. Any more suggestions?
wfwalshiiiAuthor Commented:
I had to run it using the sub-domain controller (SDC) as authoritative against one (DC1) of my other domain controllers. The ran it again for each of the remaining controllers (DC2 & DC3) using DC1 as authoritative.
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