Disable all PN traffice through Sonicwall NSA4500

I have a Sonicwall NSA4500 and the students in the school have found an application called "HotSpot Shield" which establishes a vpn to an outside server and allows them to surf the web un-restricted. Is there anyway to block ALL VPN traffic passing through the NSA4500??
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After looking into the software, it looks like it uses the 8040-8049 port range.  Those ports are not used by anything else that is registered so if you block them, you should be okay.

Also, if you have subscribed to the Security services through SonicWALL then you can also block them in a much more efficient manner using "Security Services->Intrusion Prevention" services. Just go down to the "Proxy-Access" category in the IPS window and select configure.  From there you can enable prevention on these type of sites.  

Also, the IPS on the SonicWALL does detect HotSpot Shield as a proxy so it will in fact block it.

I hope this helps
Although I am not familiar with the HotSpot Shield software, I would recommend going to "Firewall->Connections Monitor" on your SonicWALL and searching for open connections from the IP addresses of your students to the outside world.  The connections monitor will show you src. and dst. IP's and port numbers.  Once you find the port numbers the site is using for VPN connectivity, you can block them in your "Firewall->Access Rules" from LAN to WAN.
mjb765Author Commented:
I found that also a little while ago. Problem solved!! Thanks for your help
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