kaspersky rescue cd and update


I made a rescue cd from kav_rescue_2008.iso. I can boot with that rescue cd but I am not able to update to the latest signatue files.

Is there any network connetion functionality inkluded in the cd? If not, how can I solve this issue?


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optomaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It could be that their servers are congested to update it so try later on.

You could also test rescue cd on another machine to see if it updates.

This method is also supposed to work
Are you trying to update within Kas via network card(lan) or wireless?
Needs to be lan.

Have you tried booting a different machine and see if that machine will pull down the updates within Kaspersky?
AdsayaaAuthor Commented:
Hi optpma

I tried with LAN.
There was no LAN settings.  I boot directly from the rescue cd. (no boot softwares were used)

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