Migrating from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

I have a single exchange 2003 server that I want to migrate to exchange 2010.

My exchange 2010 setup consists of four servers.  Two CAS/HUB servers setup in a CAS Array, and two Mailbox servers with a DAG configured.  The servers are just installed, I haven't started the migration yet.

I am reading many articles on what I have to do before I start the migration.  Like what I have to do for both the exchange 2003 server and the exchange 2010 servers to coexist in the same organization.  This part is confusing me.  Currently my OWA URL for exchange 2003 is:
"http:\\server.domain.com\exchange" (NOT USING SSL)
My active sync is:  "server.domain.com" for my exchange 2003 server (NOT USING SSL)

For Exchange 2010 my CAS array name is mail.domain.com.  Can I use this name for OWA also so it is redundant.  Also, my URL for OWA and Active Sync on exchange 2010 is "https" (USING SSL) and exchange 2003 is not.  Do I need to buy a certificate for the exchange 2010 CAS Array before I start the migration.  I've read a lot of articles, but I'm a little confused and hoping someone can explain this in a way I can understand.  Thanks.

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Typically you will need

CN = mail.domain.com
SAN = autodiscover.domain.com
The idea is that you need mail.domain.com pointing to the exchange 2010

configure server.domain.com as legacyurl

let all your users use the exchange 2010 url and exchange 2010 will take care of redirecting to your exchange 2003

please read this article it should help you, if you have more questions please let me know

denver218Author Commented:
Thanks for the article, it cleared some things up for me.  I'm still unsure of exchange 2010 using SSL and exchange 2003 not.  Will this cause a problem when redirecting to the exchange 2003 server?

Also, I will have to purchase an SSL Certificate for exchange 2010 since it uses SSL right?  I'm not sure what the proper procedure is for this?  Thanks for your help
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honestly I have never tested this specific scenario where 2010 has http and 2003 not but an educated guess it will work

for the certificate issue you will need one for 2010 for sure, you can buy it or install your own CA and generate it
denver218Author Commented:
Thanks.  What all needs to be included on the certificate?
denver218Author Commented:
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