MS Sql Server 2005 Standard Edition to DB2

I'm trying to import data from a DB2 database to SQL Server 2005.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to create and ODBC connection.  I'm using the STANDARD Edition of SQL Server so the DB2OLEDB installation does not work (I've reviewed several posting on this as a solution).

How can I go about this?
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do you have a db2 client on your machine?
if so, you will need to catalog a db2 database using the client configuration assistant
(it will ask for ip and port)
start -> programs -> IBM DB2-> configuration tools -> configuration assistant

and use the wizard to add the database
once it is catalog, use it alias in the odbc definition
download a db2 client from ibm website

the client will include the installation of  db2 odbc driver
once it is installed you can configure an odbc data source and access it from sql server using standard sql server odbc data source
tfewster500Author Commented:
I'm assuming I should download:

Data Server Client Packages
Download IBM Data Server Packages, including client tools, runtime client and the latest drivers for JDBC and SQLJ, ODBC and CLI, and add-ins for Visual Studio.
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tfewster500Author Commented:
OK, I have this installed.

Is there any information on how to create a connection?

Not sure what to put into the Database Source Name, Database Alias and Description that are on the first step of creating a System DSN.
source name is the database name
database alias is how you want it to be called
you can put the same for both fields
description is optional
tfewster500Author Commented:

1)  I add the name of my database as the "Data Source Name"
2) Next to the "Database Alias" drop down, I click on the Add button.
3) I add in a description and provide a User ID and Password.
4) There is an Advanced Settings tab on this page, but I do nothing on this.
5) I click on OK and the ODBC connection is created.

When I click on the ODBC connection and select "Connect" it says.  It says "The database alias name or database name "" could not be found.

In this step up, I have not provided a server name, IP address, port or any other information.  Does this need to be set up on the Advanced Settings tab?
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