Exchange Server 2010 - Administrator Usernames

We cannot get our exchange server to add another full administrator so we can open the mailboxes from outlook via our IT dept user names

We have done the following
1. added new user to local administrator account on exchange server
2. gave new user role of Organizational Management
3. new user has domain admin permissions
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Glen KnightCommented:
In Exchange 2010 we use RBAC for this task, please see here for further information:
B HCommented:
in your exchange command line, you could add this:

add-exchangeadministrator <username>  -role OrgAdmin

here's a nice writeup:
k_hoffhinesAuthor Commented:
demazter: we put the test admin user under the org. management one so they would have 100% access to the users mailboxes but we are still not having any luck....I have exchange 2007 and it is very very easy to accomplish this they just changed it....
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Glen KnightCommented:
You may need to restart the Microsoft Exchange Inormation Store service, otherwise there can be a delay of upto 2 hours
k_hoffhinesAuthor Commented:
we restarted the exchange server after verifying that the user had full access of RBAC roles of org. management, when opening outlook with our new "admin user" we get an error saying "cannot display the folder. the inbox folder cannot be found." we know this is a working user folder as we have logged into it via the owa as well......any ideas??
Glen KnightCommented:
So it works OK from Outlook Web Access when you try to open the users mailbox using the user account you have granted permissions to?
k_hoffhinesAuthor Commented:
What I would like to accomplish is have my "admin2" user account be an administrator of the exchange so i have full access to open there mailboxes at any time via outlook 2007 and change permissions on there calendars and so on...not sure if that makes sense but i have it done on our exchange 2007 but 2010 they change the admin side of things again ;) just a little confused and its easier than guessing to ask an experts advice :) thanks
Glen KnightCommented:
As I said in my first post this is controller with RBAC in Exchange 2010.

You seemed to indicate that it was working with OWA isthat not the case?
In OWA logged in as admin2 on the top right hand side under the username (litteraly right under) there is a little black arrow.  Click this and enter a username that you want to open the mailbox for.

Does this work?
k_hoffhinesAuthor Commented:
Ya, I have completed that task that's what doesn't make sense... there has to be something that i missed :S

when I open via outlook 2007, (not owa sorry for my craziness today on this issue) thats when i get this error message stating it cannot find the inbox...assuming that means it is a permission error?? as i want them for the whole organization... sorry if i am being confused...
Glen KnightCommented:
Ok, can you try it from OWA for me?
I want to see if it's a permission issue or a user issue
k_hoffhinesAuthor Commented:
when doing that i get your mailbox appears to be unavailable. try to access again it again 10 sec.
Glen KnightCommented:
Ok, can you try the traditional method of assigning permissions then, please see here:
k_hoffhinesAuthor Commented:
demazter this is the error we get now?? talk about a stressful day thanks for your help!!
Glen KnightCommented:
The mailbox database is the name as it appears in the exchange management console.
k_hoffhinesAuthor Commented:
correct that is the name that we have being appeared.....:S
k_hoffhinesAuthor Commented:
it just keeps giving errors regarding our dc....
Glen KnightCommented:
You have provided the name of the file not the name of the database as it appears in Exchange Management Console.

Can you run get-mailboxdatabase | fl and post the results.

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