Microsoft Exchange 2003/2010 Envelope Journaling

Hello All,
We are in the process ugrading our Exchange servers from 2003 to 2010.  Archiving, we currently use Envelope Journaling.  
For a period of time, we are going to have to co-exist the two Exchange  versions.  We would like to keep the Envelope Journal mailbox in the 2003 environment for now.  Is it possible for mailboxes in Exchange 2010 have envelope journaling enabled and pointed to the current 2003 server?  Thank you in advance.  
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shauncroucherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't see why not, you should be able to select the Journal recipient for each mailbox database and choose the recipient located in the 2003 mailbox database.

You can certainly do this for 2007 / 2010, so will probably be ok to select a recipient in 2003 mailbox store.

Give it a go,

Envelope journaling is the only method of journaling supported on Exchange 2007/2010.

mackayhelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Yes, but can those mailboxes located in the Exchange 2010 have envelope jounaling enabled to a journal mailbox located in Exchange 2003?  
mackayhelpdeskAuthor Commented:
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