dynamic gridview with Dropdown

Hi All,

I have a  data Table which has data assigned to it from two queries, the first one build the column headers and then the second one assigns row to this dataset
example :
UC1       UC2             UC3            UC4            UCn
200701 200801     200901         201001        201102
Y           Y                Y                 N                  Y
Contract Contract   Contract    Contract          Contract

Once this is build , I assign it to a gridview ,

what I need is a drop down option where there is a Y , with ability to select Y/N in edit mode similarly for Contract, there should be a drop down with Contracted /Non Contracted value, I have seen quite a few example but all are done at design time, in this case since the number of coloumns are variable, i need to achive the same thing dynamically.
would appreciate any help.


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the gridview is with marked with automatic column generation right ?

i suppose you will have to create the dropdown at the rowdatabound event..

is it possible to show a screenshot of how the grid looks like ?
sanjaypandeyAuthor Commented:
Yes the automatic column generate  is set to true.  I am attaching the screenshot.. Can you point me to some code or an example . Thanks

I know I am a little confused.

Why not use the DataTextField and the DataValueField?

You could arguablly have the DataTextField be your header and the DataValueField be a combination of items delimited by like a "|" (vertical bar). You can then Split the DataValueField on the "|".

That is a tact I have used previously. In some cases I didn't even use the DataTextfield and just did like a:

combobox.Items.Add( new ListItem(ddr["{HeaderFieldName}"].ToString(), ddr["{name of field that contains the "|"'s)"].ToString()));

Hopefully that is helpfull.
sanjaypandeyAuthor Commented:
I think i need to use Itemplate here , building the templates dynamically since the number of columns can vary depending on the query..
any suggestion how to build the gridview template dynamically and create a dropdown.

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