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In Our Company we are using AS/400 OS based application. We have a propblem with screen view as attached. When numbers is over 9 digits it became stricks. I attached one screen with no issue and one with issue.
I need a sloution with view to expand at least 1 digit in each 3 cloums to solve the issue.
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MurpheyConnect With a Mentor Application ConsultantCommented:
Hi obad62,

Gary ant TOm are both right, but that's not a solution.
The as/400 screen lines are only 80 positions (79 in fact because you need at least 1 control character on every line.
I tried to count the digits on your screen examle and I assume that it reached (almost) the max screen-width.
so the layout need to be changed also in thta case there are 4 options:
  - drop 1 less important column
  - switch to a 132 column layout
  - drop the digits behind the decimal point
  - divide the screen in 2 subscreens where you can switch between 2 views with e.g. F11

What ever option you choose, this is a programming job and you need to get someone to do that for you, if you dont have the knowledge in your own company.

Gary PattersonConnect With a Mentor VP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Field expansion can be complex.  

Often, screen fields are based on database fields, and expanding one implies expanding the other.  Also, if database fields are expanded, EVERY SINGLE program, logical file (or index/view), screen, report and other related object that references the expanded field may need to be updated.

When expanding fields in screens and printer files, the layout of the screen or report may also need to be modified to enable the expanded field to fit.

If you are not an experienced AS/400 programmer, then I suggest that you get an experienced AS/400 programmer involved to help you with this task - this is a task that requires some experience to evaluate, code, test, and implement.

If you'd like to post the DDS source code for this screen and the source code for the program (RPG, COBOL, etc) behind it, we can provide better advice.  If you don't know how to do that, then you definitely need to engage an expert in the process.

- Gary Patterson

tliottaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Although Gary is completely correct, there is the possibility that the only problem is indeed that the display fields need to have another digit.

Don't get your hopes up that that's true, but it does need to be the first thing checked.

Database fields might already be larger than needed. It's impossible to tell from a screen-shot. However, the rows of asterisks indicate that the program itself is handling the values okay. It's when the program tries to send the values out through the display file that the overflow occurs. If these are simply output fields, then expanding them shouldn't directly cause problems.

Of course, it doesn't look like there is much spare space. The DDS source code for the screen is certainly needed for any additional comment.

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