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I have approx 30 Blackberry Cell Phone users and Exchange 2003 back end. Each person needs to have 2 address books available on their phone synced with Exchange. The first one is the ones that the user updates. The second one will be managed internally and "pushed" to all Blackberries. Currently I do not have a BES server. Can this be done without one. If so how? If not, can it be done with a BES?
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Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
BES server will only synch the default user Contacts folder -- so sub-folders are not available.

I too have 32 Berry users on BES 5.01 and Exchange 2003, they get frequently reminded that any contacts they want on their phone, must reside in their root Contact folder.  Any they wish to keep and sync other contacts with their Outlook, go in a sub-folder, so they can access when out the office, but don't clutter up the berry.

seems that users tend to forget that there is no need to have their 6,000 contacts downloaded to the handheld (it would run very slowly), you only want the ones you use often/frequently, or as part of some special trip. it's our job to correct them!!
Blackberry cannot have 2 Contacts in BIS or BES.
Justin DurrantSr. Engineer - Windows Server/VirtualizationCommented:
Not possible with BlackBerry
jkdprimeAuthor Commented:
What is strange is I can can upload manually 2 different contacts within Blackberry Desktop Manager to the Phone. I find it hard to believe it cant be done within BES. There has to be a way to do this automatically
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