dell poweredge t110 won't install server 2003 r2 64bit

0x0000007b stop error.

New Dell. Using the dell factory disks to reformat. I have not been able to get to the point of formatting. Machine boots fine to existing load of 2003 r2 64bit but if I try to boot off the disks I get a bsod???

Error is vague. Looking to find someone who might have some input on such a vague issue.

Sorry, I'll post more as I get more info.
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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
7b indicates a storage driver issue ... Server 2003 must have both the driver for the RAID controller and the driver for the onboard SATA for the DVD drive (Chipset driver).  2003 requires these drivers to be loaded from floppy disk, so since this machine probably doesn't have a floppy drive, use to integrate the drivers (and SP2 if media does not have it already).  Alternatively, you can use the OpenManage disks to install.  Simply boot to the SMTD/SBUU DVD to begin.
snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Do you get to th epoint where it is asking to press F6 for RAID controller drivers? My thinking would be that you need a controller dri ver for that server the the install disk does not have. Did your server come with a floppy drive? That is another issue with some of these servers. If you find that you need to install a contoller driver and don't have a floppy, keep this link handy...Dell USB Key F6 Driver Utility
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