missing drivers for toshiba laptop

I am now rebuilding a toshiba satellite pro  A200 laptop,

I have reformatted the disk (and got rid of Vista).

I have installed win xp sp 2 but find I have no drivers operating.
(other devices >
ethernet contollers
mass storage controller
pci device
SM bus controller
video controller
video controller (VGA compatible)

Can you help me to access the appropriate drivers?

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further down on the page is where the drivers are located.
Hello Ortholithos:

I quite sympathize with your wanting to replace Windows Vista.  You have selected to go with WindowsXP SP2.  XP is a fine choice, but I would recommend SP3.

This does no answer your question, though.  Happily, there is a quick and simple answer.  While it is my understanding that Toshiba did not originally provide WinXP drivers for the A200, they now do provide a full suite of drivers.  You can downlaod them Here:


Just a small note to help you get accurate answers to future inquiries - you should provide full model numbers, includingthe numbers appearing after dashes, colons, semi-colons and the like.  In this case, there are two Satellite Pro A200's.  A200-EZ2204X and the A200-EZ2205x.  This is not a problem as both models now have WinXP drivers -- for SP2 and SP3.

Good Luck
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ortholithosAuthor Commented:
thanks for that - but i have a problem identifying the model number.

On the back of the machine the model name is listed simply as satellite pro A200,
with a model number PSAE4E-046017EN

BUT nothing like the string you cited and which is cited on the tosh site your link led me to.

What am I missing?

Try this addy:  Your product number may be unique to the UK  Good Luck!


ortholithosAuthor Commented:
OK that was great and we we seemed to be getting somewhere.  I used the European site, and it led  me (with a redirect) to http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/?page=downloads .

it indicated that i need the driver version available at http://support.toshiba-tro.de/tedd-files2/0/wlesslan-20070716135646.html 

trying to download i got redirected to This then redirects to this invalid location:
http://aps.toshiba-tro.de/wlan  where it was difficult to recognise which driver was the one I was looking for. I took a chance on  the only intel driver with a similar version number (wlan-intel-3495-4965-v1240211-xp.zip)

tried to install it but on clicking the setup application file - there was simply no reaction however i tried - double click, open, etc.

I will keep searching for the driver on the internet, unless you have any less haphazard solutions.

Once i get wireless running and can connect with the laptop to the internet, then presumably I can use tripyre's suggestion above - using a site which will examine my needs and supply appropriate drivers??

In the device manager, right click on the WLAN device and select properties.
Then select the "Details" tab
Use Ctrl+c to copy the device instance ID string.
Then paste it (Ctrl+v) in your reply.
You have correctly identified the catch 22 of your problem.  However, the site I provided SHOULD give you a LAN driver without redirects --- I was able to have the site offer me a download of the 'LAN driver' (presumably) in a zip file.

Try it again.
ortholithosAuthor Commented:
Dear stingray - no luck. still redirecting.

Dear Edbed|:
these are the two ethernet controller devices listed under 'other' and with the yellow warning signs (!).



Just to set the record straight again.

I am missing several drivers (with the yellow waraning sign )listed above. I have fixed on the wlan so as to be able to go online with the laptop in question and use the automated service suggested by Tripyre above - which will scan and identify drivers as appropriate. And (presumably) offer them for (Free?) download.

I think.
This is the driver for the network adapter. Using the setup.exe might not work, if not you will have to install it manualy. Post back if you need instructions.
Click on  Download URL: Download
This is the wireless driver, as before post back if you need help.
ortholithosAuthor Commented:
excellent - that's the LAN set up (not the wirless, (but I've got a long cat5 lead!).  Many thanks.

So now that i am online with the computer in question, do you recommend now that I go through each yellow warning and find the drivers one by one - or use the free scan offered by your drivercure site?

Or would it be wiser to do it through you at experts exchange?

I think your easiest solution would be to try getting the drivers on the page suggested by Tripyre. The only one I tried on that page was the NIC adapter but that link was dead. The others might work though.
Post back with the device instance ID's for any others you need help finding.
ortholithosAuthor Commented:
Oh dear , I thought I was home and dry.

I had access to driver cure, so performed the scan with that.  Downloaded and installed 21 updates.

but the device manager still waves the yellow flags at me:

ethernet controller

mass storage controller

pci device

video controller

video controller (VGA compatible)

ortholithosAuthor Commented:
DEar edbed:

I tried the wireless link you posted but it is for a network card adapter, while I have built in wireless facility. (not sure how to access and provide its details) . Tried to install anyway, but installation requires that a card be inserted.

I have tried the specific links in tripyre's link above, but like you found two dead ones. Tried the wireless driver,

Intel Wireless WLAN Driver for Win XP
Description: Intel WLAN Driver for Windows XP
Size: 4.04 MB
Download: INTEL-Wireless.zip

but although it appears to install, there is no evidence of its success.

The 2nd one is for the Atheos wireless adapter. Try to install it manualy. First make a note of where you extracted the drivers to. Then in the Device Manager, open the wireless adapter then select the Drivers tab
Click  Update Drivers
In the Hardware Update Wizard tick No, not this time then next.
Then select Install from a list ......... then Next
Select Don't search ............. then Next
Then click Have Disk then Browse to the folder that you extracted the files to and locate the .inf file.
After continuing from there it might ask for .sys, .dll or .exe file locations. Again, just Browse to the folder that you extracted the files to and locate the needed file.
I am not great with instructions so if anything is not clear, just ask.

I am going to gather the other drivers for you. Be back in a bit.
ortholithosAuthor Commented:

two left.

mass storage controller

~PCI device
Now that you are online, use Driver Agent (http://driveragent.com) and save yourself from all these headaches.

Driver Agent is also excellent at updating hard-to-find drivers on a functioning computer.  As a computer repair guy, it has helped me many times.
ortholithosAuthor Commented:
Dear Edbedb,

good morning -

mass storage loaded fine - automatically.

The audio driver gives a puzzle though.

Manual installation - gets to point of have disk / search -- but no $winnt$.inf file in any of the options (empty folders)

desktop search reveals a $winnt$.inf in c:\windows\system32. it accepts that pointer, but \i am anxious as to whether that is the correct way to go.

have cancelled installation pending your advice.

Thanks for bearing with me,
Good morning, yes that is the file you want. Continue installation using that "$winnt$.inf" file in the c:\windows\system32 directory

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ortholithosAuthor Commented:
patience and accurate responses.

Acceptance is not just for the last post, but for whole sequence of responses gradually bringing problem to solution.
many thanks
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