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My team mate developed a J2EE program where we have 20 rows and about 4 fields for each column. Right now if I have about 20 rows in a spreadsheet with 4 columns, I can't copy all 20 rows and paste it on the WebPage. I can only copy one cell at a time.

Can you recommend alternative approaches on how or what sort of customization, javascript, AJAX, or other options we have to implement this facility ?

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When you copy/paste out of a spread sheet like excel, you normally get something like:

fred      dog      22      daily
jim      dog      26      daily
ernie      fish      25      weekly
walter      cat      21      weekly
amanda      snake      24      daily

Since the data is copied/pasted in .tab format, you simply need to parse out the pasted data. After people paste all this into a single cell, do a test for carriage returns - if they exist, parse the data into cells.
A simple loop should do it for you. A TAB character means go to next field, a Carriage Return means a new row.
The trick is figuring out how much functionality to actually support here like odd sized data, missing cells, etc.
sakthi7Author Commented:
That's what my developer was saying. But my worry is now, the feature now supports 100rows. So 100 rows x 7 columns... would that be too much parsing ? Is there a limitation on field size in WebPage ?
If none, guess its ok. A latency may be observed but at least we're able to support this feature i suppose.
The other issue is the page was designed to key in row by row so there is some field validation involved. I think its going to be a nightmare or maybe a temp disabling of validation of the field has to be done or move the validation to be done upon saving of the page i guess.
>would that be too much parsing ?
Not at all

>Is there a limitation on field size in WebPage ?
Web browser and current memory using

Just do it!
sakthi7Author Commented:
That is where we are leaning to as my colleague advised the same before i put this posting. We thought if someone had other suggestion we could evaluate those too. We're planning to go with this approach if no other responses is received.

Thank you everyone for your input.
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
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