Regarding AIX TL10 SP2

I upgraded one of my AIX 5.3 server from AIX TL9SP2 to TL10 SP2, now when i am seeing it is still showing TL8, i confirmed that time that it was upgraded to TL10 SP2, when i do instfix :
instfix -i|grep ML
    All filesets for were found.
    All filesets for 5300-01_AIX_ML were found.
    All filesets for 5300-02_AIX_ML were found.
    All filesets for 5300-03_AIX_ML were found.
    All filesets for 5300-04_AIX_ML were found.
    All filesets for 5300-05_AIX_ML were found.
    All filesets for 5300-06_AIX_ML were found.
    All filesets for 5300-07_AIX_ML were found.
    All filesets for 5300-08_AIX_ML were found.
    Not all filesets for 5300-09_AIX_ML were found.
    Not all filesets for 5300-10_AIX_ML were found.

getting above output, also oslevel -rl giving following :-

# oslevel -rl  5300-09
Fileset                                 Actual Level           Recommended ML

 oslevel -rl 5300-10
Fileset                                 Actual Level           Recommended ML

what is this package about & if i install this, does this require a reboot, already database is runing on this. kindly help in this regard.

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just install xlsmp.rte., which belongs to the C++ runtime environment.
No reboot required.

This fileset is part of fixpack 5300-09 (TL). Strange that it should not have been installed along with the other TL9 filesets. There are no prerequisites except for bos.rte!

pankajgadhariAuthor Commented:

But , now the database is up & running on this system. If i install this fileset, whether it will create any problem for database which is running as i thought  that it might be using the C++ runtime environment, correct me if i am wrong.

xlsmp.rte doesn't contain any library, neither shared nor static, only message catalogs and the OMP headers. The "real" thing is in xlsmp.aix5x.rte, which seems to be installed on your system.

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pankajgadhariAuthor Commented:
Ok, following xlsmp filesets are installed :-
xlsmp.aix52.rte    COMMITTED  SMP Runtime Libraries for AIX
  xlsmp.msg.en_US.rte  COMMITTED  XL SMP Runtime Messages - U.S.
  xlsmp.rte          COMMITTED  SMP Runtime Library

but while doing a preview install of xlsmp.rte., i got the error saying that base fileset  xlsmp.aix53.rte. is required, when i copied both these filesets & done a preview installation, it is showing the installation will be successful, i just done preview check for installation. Actually, on my system xlsmp.aix52.rte is installed, but now i want to install following 2 packages to bring the system to TL10 :-


so, i am little bit confused, as this will install the base xlsmp rte from 5.2 to 5.3, thats why i want to know whether reboot is required as i think this is the base fileset.

And I'm a bit confused how it can be possible to mess up an AIX system like that.

xlsmp.aix53.rte is a prereq for xlsmp.rte.
xlsmp.rte is a coreq for xlsmp.aix53.rte.
Both are in the TL package.
I never heard that an update_all should have forgotten them.

Did you ever run an lppchk -m3 -v or installp -C ?

OK, whatever, you could at least have told me which DB this is all about.

If it's Oracle - No, Oracle doesn't rely on xlsmp libraries.

Other DBs - who knows?

And a reboot is most probably not required, base level or not. After all, it's not a bos.rte fileset.
But don't worry, installp (or smitty) will tell you if you need to reboot anyway.

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pankajgadhariAuthor Commented:
yes, the database is oracle.  Is there a way to find out whether the package requires reboot or not before installing it.

Actually this system was updated 2 months back & at that time i had seen that it was updated to TL10 & nw suddenly i dont know how it is showing TL8, & when i do lppchk, nothing comes but when i do oslevel -rl aix_level, it shows that this package is required in the output as pasted above. so if i knows that whether the package required reboot or not, then i can install it instead of just taking a downtime for the reboot.

No reboot required!

I had to check an old install log, because there is no easy way to determine whether installation of a particular fileset requires a reboot.

pankajgadhariAuthor Commented:
can u let me know which log file you want, so that i can forward it to you if you have time to see please.

No, that's a misunderstanding!
I already checked one of our archived logs here to find out that a reboot is not required.
You can use lslpp -f fileset_name to see all the files belonging to that fileset. That will give you some idea of what the fileset means.

lslpp -f xlsmp.rte

Looking at the files.. it doesnt look like it would need a reboot.
pankajgadhariAuthor Commented:
Hi wmp,

I was just going through some search & found that :

"To see whether a reboot is mandatory you can look into the .toc and check the fileset line for "b" (bosboot) or "N) (no bosboot). Example for a fileset that requieres bosboot:"

View Original:

so is it like if it is "b" then reboot is required & if it is "N" reboot is not required. I have seen the .toc file in my case & it shows "N" for both the filesets. So, is it that it doesnt requires reboot.

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