Data population stopped when upgrading jQuery version 1.4.2 from 1.2.6


I have an issue where the data population on my site has stopped working after I upgraded the to a newer version of jQuery, v1.4.2

My site is:

I think it has something to do with the following code. As a starting point, can you see why this would cease to operate in the new version?

Many thanks
$("#pl_slider, #pl_slider2").slider({
			min: 0,
			max: (steps*parseInt(view[pl.view][0])),
			handle: ".pl_handle",
			steps: steps,
			change: function(event, ui){
				var dir = "";
				if(ui.value > pl.limitstart) dir = "-";
				pl.limitstart = ui.value;
					left: dir+contentwidth+"px",
					opacity: 0
				  }, 500, 'linear', function(){
					  $("#pl_content").css({left:"0px", opacity:1});

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Hi again!

Problem with the same slider again?
What is the value of steps you have given?
wilson1000Author Commented:
Hello :o)

This is where the value is generated I think - in the pl.core.js file (line 141) from earlier

setPLmenuData = function(){
		var steps = Math.ceil(parseInt([pl.view][0]))-1;
		$("#pl_prev, #pl_prev2").click(function(){
			if(pl.limitstart > 0){
				$("#pl_slider, #pl_slider2").slider("moveTo", "-="+view[pl.view][0]);
		$("#pl_next, #pl_next2").click(function(){
			if(steps > 0){				
				if(pl.limitstart < (parseInt(view[pl.view][0])*steps)){
					$("#pl_slider, #pl_slider2").slider("moveTo", "+="+view[pl.view][0]);

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Hope you have corrected it?
wilson1000Author Commented:
Hi senthurpandian,

I haven't sorted the problem yet, I was waiting for you to get back to me.

What i have done though is replace the newer jquery file with the old one just so it works for now.

Thank you
Ok, if you have a test server, can you put NEW jQuery, so that i can find something?
wilson1000Author Commented:
I don't have a test server at the moment but am working on it.

I have uploaded the newer script so you should be able to see the difference now.

Thanks once more!
Oh my goodness...

Which JQuery UI you are using?

Actually jquery-1.3.2.min is the JQuery used in the jquery-ui-1.7.2 version..

UI 1.8 works with JQ 1.4.X
UI 1.7.2 works with JQ 1.3.2 (stable)
wilson1000Author Commented:
So do I need to construct the UI?

Do you have any tips on getting the optimum UI? I ask this because I've just downloaded a UI and it's huge!

I got it from here:
Yes you are correct. But they give provision reduce the size by selecting the components that you use.

If you are not yet completed all of your page, dont upgrade now.

Please upgrade in your leisure time.

You can customize by un-selecting, irrelevant products. (Dont select required only, reverse strategy)

wilson1000Author Commented:
Great, one more question...

Whats the "Theme"?
Its simple, in your page, if you have a JQuery UI - dialogue box or tabs or buttons, the color and the look and feel will look different.

Say, in XP, you have appearance - color scheme. Which changes BLUE-SILVER-something else.....

In your case the gray-slider will look different, in color, <-> arrows etc.,.
wilson1000Author Commented:
Thanks I have made the change to 1.3.2 and included all of the UI bits I needed and the sliding function and data re-populate still doesn't work.

Why would this happen?
I think you have customized some JS files and you are missing them now?

Please take care, how are you changing to new version? Just replacing the JS file or how?

Remember any customization made by you?

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wilson1000Author Commented:
Hmmm... maybe some of the legacy code is not compatible with the new version? I'll have to investigate that a little further I think. I'll also have to stick to the legacy version for now - thanks for everything senthurpandian!

All the best!
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