Change PowerScheme/ Power profile in Windows XP and Windows 7 programming with Delphi 6


I am developping a delphi application (borland delphi 6).
My application is a windows service. I launch a cmd/bat file for doing this:

powercfg.exe /create myenergy

powercfg.exe /change myenergy /monitor-timeout-ac %1
powercfg.exe /change myenergy /monitor-timeout-dc %2

powercfg.exe /change myenergy /disk-timeout-ac %3
powercfg.exe /change myenergy /disk-timeout-dc %4

powercfg.exe /change myenergy /standby-timeout-ac %5
powercfg.exe /change upvenergy /standby-timeout-dc %6

powercfg.exe /hibernate on
powercfg.exe /change myenergy /hibernate-timeout-ac %7
powercfg.exe /change myenergy /hibernate-timeout-dc %8

powercfg.exe /setactive myenergy

This configuration is applied to computer without problems when I run it as a bat/cmd script from system prompt (cmd.exe), but when my service is running and launch the batch file in background, it doesn't nothing.

I launch:
cmd /c "c:\myapplication\script.cmd 10 5 20 10 15 10 25 20". If I launch "calc.exe", the process appears loaded into memory (in background, I can't interact with it).

I know that in Windows XP and Windows 2000 is possible invoke pwrprof.dll library functions:


In Windows SDK for Vista and Windows 7, the funcions are others.

But I don't know how use these routines for creating a new user power profile. I need fix monitor timeout, disk timeout, standby timeout and suspend timeout for each user log in system.

The experts-exchange site contains code for hibernating computer, but I haven't found examples for changing power scheme of logged user (I need the all right code for both systems: XP and Vista/Windows 7

operating systems).

Thank you very much.
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BrunoyAuthor Commented:
I need borland delphi code for changing the hard disk, monitor, suspend and hibernation time.

I prefer resolve the problem without use powercfg.exe because this tool is different in Windows XP and Windows Vista / 7. Theremore Windows 2000 doesn't include it.

My problem is about programming, and access pwrprof.dll.

Thanks in advance.
Did you look into these documents? They all are about programming. I know Delphi is not the most favorite Microsoft language but porting samples should be easy.
Of course you can wait for ready solution. It's your choice.
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BrunoyAuthor Commented:
Link One: ACPI / Power Management - Architecture and Driver Support

Link Two: Application Power Management Best Practices for Windows Vista

Your links are too generic.

I don't know porting samples to Delphi 6. Theremore, for invocating pwrprof.dll functions is necessary declare constants, types and externals declarations of procedures and functions. I don't know invocating external dlls. I always have created account appplications and no system applications.

Thank you.
BrunoyAuthor Commented:
I know now the reason.

My script is all right, but I was changing power scheme / power profile of user that runs my service: LOCAL SYSTEM and no of logged user.

I need launch my batch as logged user if I want change his power scheme / power profile.

I'm probing CreateProcessAsUser function, but I am not getting a solution.

The best solution is programming a new power scheme with Windows API and not launching a batch file. So, my question will be open.

But, if I want change power profile of user, I need impersonate him. Naturally I haven´t his password.
This problem is opened as other question.

Thank you very much.
BrunoyAuthor Commented:
Finally, I have impersonated logged user.

I will find this solution in experts-exchange knowledge base. I'm executing a batch script for changing power scheme profile of users. I launch powercfg.exe command with some parameters.

This solution is worse that make it with SDK API, but I didn´t find other solution.

Thank you.

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