Video Program for Editing .mov and save with same specs as .flv

I have a pocket camcorder that gives me the following 720p videos:
+ frame size: 1280 x 270
+ source file: .mov
+ frame rate: 29 frames/second
+ data rate 8335 kbps
+ total bitrate: 8466 kbps

I would like a video editor in which I can accomplish the following:
+ save as .flv (Flash video) at the original file specifications without any quality loss
+ overlay text/titles that are very clear looking and true to the font's dimensions
+ have a separate audio track to allow import of an mp3 file (mp3 will be made separately on a portable device; don't want to talk directly into program)
+ trim video (front and back)

I have played with the following programs and have encountered the following problems:
+ Adobe Premiere Elements 8: file doesn't stay true to original specs and fonts appear blurry
+ Arcsoft Media Impression: text/title overlays have fonts that are wide and not true to original and cannot overlay prerecorded mp3 (have to record within their program)

Can anyone recommend a video editing program that will allow me to start with my .mov file and after editing can end up with a high quality loss-less FLV file? My budget for software is $130 and below.
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Hi Webdude77,
I use video Vegas from Sony for all my video editing which is out of your price range but Sony does have Movie Studio 9.for 60.00  I never used it but it appears to be built on the same engine as Video Vegas.

I also use AVS4You to handle post production video and audio conversion should Video Vegas not handle it.
I use Super  and can highly recomend it . free
what is simple with this tool it offers you the choice of the video scale and audio bitrates, also supports a large variety of video formats to import or drag and drop and also output to. R/click the interface to adjust the output saving directory to your own choice
Tale a look at the snapshot here ,
 I use the direct link to download it
 Eright is the host site
to use all the great featrures of  SUPER with the DirectShow Decode checked mode/ I recomend you also download ffdshow
and the Haali MatroskaSplitter
the direct download link for Super from the host site is at the bottom here
If you need  any tips on how to use it fire away
webdude77 the thing is this
once you convert a .MOV ( high quality)  to flash you need to change a few things or the flash format will pixelate as it does not conform to the same rules as a .MOV format.
All video formats conform to different aspect ratios because of the compression used.
In order to retain exactly the quality you'd need to use several tools
do your editing first, use your video editing tool, or any tool that supports .MOV import and has a video time line to edit and add audio
refs to>>
+ overlay text/titles
+ have a separate audio track
+ trim video (front and back)
Video Spin from Pinnacle

then convert it to flash using Super

Otherwise there is also Quicktime pro $29.99

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Hmmmmmm (Haven't said hmmmmmm  for a long time).   Most movie editors will handle the simple titling and editing that you require. I'm currently stuck with Corel Video Studio, which is full of bugs but can do these simple things.  Others are Sony Vegas (as mentioned) and Pinnacle.  Don't know why your titling is blurred. Titling doesn't blur if you use the editor's inbuilt titling function.  You can also do titles in a separate titling software -- but importing other texts may blur.  All video editors can import mp3 tracks and even split or split and delete the original.
So edit your movie in .mov format, which is H.264 in a .mov wrapper.
Different editors allow you to finish in a wide variety of formats. However if your editor doesn't allow you to finish the way you want, simply make a master in H.264 at full resolution and bitrate and same framerate and covert the file in Super  (as mentioned) or similar converter.
HD FLV at 720p is best streamed using the H.264 (Mpeg-4 AVC) codec in an FLV wrapper so it will stream in any of the latest Flash players of about the last 2 years.
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