SMTP Relay stopped working

I setup a server at site #1 to relay emails off of my exchange server at site#2. The sites are not interconnected and are only public to each other. The Exchange server is setup for anonymous relay of messages from the IP of the SMTP server. For some reason the messages no longer go through. I receive a "550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for". I cannot find any settings that have changed. Both servers have been rebooted.

Any ideas?
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAsked:
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We need more info

1) are both sites exchange 2007 ?
2) when you say you setup a server to relay is this server also exchange ?
3) is this server used only for relaying to the other site or is it used for all your public emails ?
4) if this not exchange what is it ?

Finally this is typically a message that the SMTP relay doesn't have the exchange server in its allow list
Does the server (mailserver) at the other gotten another ip-adres?
If that's the case the relay wil stop working because of your settings
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
1&2) No, Site 1 is just running SMTP and IIS. SIte 2 is Exchange 2007 with both exchange and edge servers. I created a receive connector for relaying from site 1 only.
Braskoer, I checked the IP address and it is the same as in my receive connector.

3) My site 1 has email hosting on godaddy, I could not find how to rlay off them. I set up SMTP serviceon site 1 ONLY for outgoing messages to be sent from my ERP software.
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the NDR is it generated on your IIS or your exhcange ?
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I am not getting and NDR. The error is stating that the outgoing message from the STMP server could not relay. This is setup for outgoing messages only.
so you are seing this on the IIS side right ?

is the exchange 2007 side or the IIS side ?
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:

The outgoing email addresses are public and could be anyone, as well as the from addresses. I just want to use my exchange server to relay any email from a single IP address to he real world.
then you got me lost !

let's go over the scenario again shall we?

you have an IIS smtp in a branch location

this IIS server is configured to use an exchange server (edge??) as its relay host

emails sent from the IIS server are failing with relay deny error

am i close ?
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I do have an IIS SMTP virtual server in a branch location

This server is set with smart host point of an outside exchange server.

The exchange server has a receive connector to receive from the IP address of the SMTP server.

When I attempt to send a message a immediately receive a relay 500 error
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
 I found some articles where a recent windows update (KB976323) had wiped out some SMTP relay settings in IIS. I uninstalled the update adn reconfigured my IIS settings. I ran some email test though telnet successfully. However I still cannot email through my Prohet21 application. I am waiting until the end of the day to reboot the server and see if that makes a difference.
can you please issue on your exchange server a get-receiveconnector | fl and give the results ?
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Attached are the results of get-receiveconnector | f
my best guess was that your server IIS ip is am i right ?
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Yes. You are correct.
well your problem is obviously because you have

Default EXCHANGE, Scan to Email App, Webserver, and GIS Relay listeners  all set to listen to all unassigned IPs

even if each has a specific remote IP range you cannot have more than one connector listening to the same IP.

in your case it is the default exchange connector that is "Answering" to your IIS server and denying relaying
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
So should I set the receive connector binding to the same IP as the remote IP range?
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
My main question now is how come I can send an email via telnet email from my remote location using to and from anyone but not from my application? I still receive -

Error 50000: SQLSTATE = 42000Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL ServerFailed to send email with CDOSYS.Message. The error source is: (null), the error description is: The server rejected one or more recipient addresses. The server response was: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for
actually you need a separate IP for each connector or to let each work on a different port.

you mean if you logon on the the IIS server and try to send an email using telnet to it will go thru ?
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Yes. The email will go through.
can you please stop all the receive connectors but the one on which you allow your IIS relaying on you 2007 and try again ?
Dennis JansonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I had our software company finally figured out how to fix the issue. There were some additional setting that need to be entered in IIS for relay. From what I could tell, in IIS6.0 relay restrictions we added to Grant and also the local IP.

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