Problems sharing windows 7 folder with Xp workgroup

In a small office ( far far away , just kidding) there are 4 xp workgroup computers and a new windows 7 pro build 7600 laptop. The laptop is on the correct workgroup and the folder needed for sharing is in Users\public\scans.
All the advanced settings for file sharing are set correctly and it is a "work" network. The reason for sharing is a richo multifunctional device than has it's own ip address and sends scanned documents to each machines scans folder.
For some reason file and printer sharing never managed to get set on the lan network card ( ipv6 disabled). When i turned this on i could see for the first time the windows 7 machines in browse workgroup from one of the xp machines ( and then hopefully the printer could see it ) but on double clicking the windows 7 machines in browse to see what was shared on the 7 machine , i got a permissions error to access the 7 machine's share. That i coulld work with BUT BUT since that moment the windows 7 machine hasn't appeared in the browse workgroup. IT has just disappeared !!!!.
This hopefully is a simple process ! sharing a public folder between windows machines but hell no.
Ideas on the dis appearing workgroup machine please. !
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Hi oldtighthead (in the far, far away kingdom!) ...
 Are you able to access the share from the XP workstations using the UNC method? Can the Windows 7 workstation browse to its own share folder using this method?
Start > Run > \\win7computername\sharename
Have you checked to make sure that Public Sharing is enabled on the Windows 7 workstation and for the appropriate network profile type (i.e. Home or Work)?
Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings > Public folder sharing = Turn on sharing...

Helpful resources:

Hope this helps!

Slow typer!
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oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
Hi Mark and Centerv.
W7 pc can see it's own share and data but haven't tried the unc method.
I have checked that network discovery is on
                                 File and printer sharing is on
and                           Public folder sharing is on
I have read the how to geek already.
The problem is that the W7 pc was visible from XP  in browse workgroup and then disappeared !!!

Keep scratching the grey matter guys !.

How can a machine be visible one moment and then drop out the next ??
That's because you hadn't tried to access it yet and didn't know you didn't have permission.
Check the share security tab for permissions.
Check event log and/if any *.dmp files and post exact errors you received here.
Be sure win7 homegroup is off.
Also, unplug internet and shut off firewall till you get connections. Check for any blocked ports/configurations.
oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
I shall do as i am told wise one and get back to you
Hit the nail on the head! Your nom de plume fits my description  LOL
oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
This is now driving me nuts ! . Got somewhere initially with using the unc \\ to get connected to an old share. Moved the problem on a little now.

File and print sharing is at least staying on.
firewall off.
Within explorer i'm sharing a fold within my docs and screen replies with "your folder is shared message.

An option is there to view all network shares on the machine and when used  The folder is not listed !!!.
Head ready to explode.   Hellp
Ok Try this link.  Remember, you can't share a drive in win7. Setup the folders you want to see as shared in both machines. Turn off simple sharing in xp and turn off homegroup in win7 if on.
You may need to set unique IPs for the machines. Try connecting to one only till you have it resolved.
Soory, but I can't find a complete setup from step one tut.
Don't pull your hair out! 

Check this out as well. Be sure to change the encryption settings to make win7 play well with xp.
oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
I've lost my remote connection to the windows 7 machine now ( remote supported machine farfar away remember) I have done all that the video suggested.
It leaves me with this dilema agin . Share a folder within w7 , get the message " this folder is now shared" and then you can't see the share from the option below it " to see shares on machine". This is all crazy and i don't know why. The reason for getting this folder shared is for a ricoh scanner to write  scans to the w7 machine.
Are you configuring xp as well so it can share with win7
Are these pc in a lan in same building or how are you connecting to them?
How are they getting their IP
oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
Tis a small lan behind a bt router , router providing DHCP. All the XP ( i do like XP pro) can "see" each other and all have a shared scan folder for the scanner to pump the data into. The scanner has own IP and directs data to correct pc with a unc share configured into it according to the code that the scanner uses inputs.
At the moment the scanning side is abit irrelevant given that the w7 box can't see it's own shared folder but it can see an older "public" and "user" share that it has.
How a  pc can't see it's own shares beggars belief. In the windows explorer page one can have the "well done you've shared this folder have a cigar" and in the other displaying shared folders without the share. !  Never the twain shall meet. The homegroup is definatley turned off and the last thing i did before losing the connection was to toggle all settings in the network and sharing centre "the other way" and then logged off ! . This logging off caused my remote connection to be lost ( i am an idiot sometimes if you haven't worked that out yet) The idea being to toggle all the settings back once again just to re enforce the idea to the stupid box !.
Looking around the web , so many of the problems with sharing are around not having the settings correctly configured , i'm sre that this is not the case and i am intrigured that reg settings to set the  local accounttokenfilterpolicy to 1. I haven't the reference manual to see what this difference makes.
Win7 is a piece of work when it comes to networking with xp. There's been so much mentioned here that I'm starting to loose you and more of my hair! LOL
I think i said that you can't share a drive and shared folders each need set permissions, set to everyone.
Not sure how unc will see the win7 share. Haven't played with it.
I think I would set up win7 and xp to see each other in lan first and then move on from there. little steps first.
I haven't seen a good comprehensive setup paper on win7 networking that I can reference you.
Only bits and pieces.  I know, not much help.  Much better hands on.

I think you have all the info to make this work but missing a setting somewhere. Give it another look when you're less frustarted.

oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
I never under estimate my ability to miss something obvious, but i have been at computing some xx years and have not been stumped like this too many times before. I will give it another go tomorrow. It really shouldn't be this difficult , thanks Microsoft !

I'll be in touch
Given any thought to using xp mode in win 7? 
Last comment from buzz is priceless, but good points here as well 
Hey Fellas,

This thread is getting a little lengthy, so I thought I'd chime back in ... hopefully without stepping on centerv's toes! I set up two workstations in my test environment: one Windows 7 Home Premium and one Windows XP. With the configuration as follows, I was fully able to browse to the Win7 box from XP using both Explorer (My Network Places) and UNC (Start > Run > \\win7hmprem-test).

Windows 7 Configuration
(from Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing settings)
1) Profile: matches current network profile, as indicated in Network and Sharing Center (see Figure 1). In my case, this equals "Home or Work (current profile)," as seen in Figure 2.
2) Network discovery: doesn't matter here ... either selection produces the same result since this applies to the SSDP protocol and not NetBIOS/NetBT.
3) File and printer sharing: Turn on file and printer sharing
4) Public folder sharing: doesn't really matter in this scenario, since the author appears to have shared out the \Users\Public\Scans folder using an alternate share name. If the intent is for the share to be browsable via the public folder instead, set this to "Turn on sharing..."
5) Media streaming: Not applicable
6) File sharing connections: Use 128-bit encryption... (though either works)
7) Password protected sharing: Turn off password protected sharing. If this is set to 'on' and no corresponding local user account matches between the Win7 and WinXP boxes, you will get the ErrMsg shown in Figure 3.
8) HomeGroup connections: Not applicable. For my testing purposes, I left the default "Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections (recommended)"

Proof of concept is shown in Figure 4 (My Network Places method) and Figure 5 (UNC method).

Other than that, sharing files between Windows XP and Windows 7 really isn't supposed this complicated. The two key settings out of all the above are to turn ON file and printer sharing and to turn OFF password protected sharing on the Windows 7 "host." Any other issues are going to be the result of misconfiguration or a connectivity issue (blocked ports, firewall settings, etc.). Note that for my test, the Windows Firewall was enabled for both the Windows 7 and Windows XP workstations, using default settings.

Hope this helps (or at least validates that what you're trying to accomplish is easily doable)!


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mark1208  Please chime in. Forget where I'm at after a while and I agree, it's not supposed to be this difficult.
Gets to the point where one wishes you could put your hands on it.
old... hope you made some progress.
If its any help, in win7 type  psr in search box, click on it and use to create file that you can upload here.

oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
Sorry for delay in response guys , just had to drive across channel to belgium and rescue sick son and other uni rowers making their way back from Rome. The finger is typing but the brain is dis engaged.
No worries, oldtighthead ... get back to us when you can! Hope your son feels better soon.  :)

Sorry to hear that. Can't say haven't been there.
The best of luck to all of you.
oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
Having been "away" from the computer issue for a couple of days there's a couple of things worth mentioning.

1 ) The Ricoh engineer set the share on the win7 box the same as a win7 box in the same office which IS sharing it's scan folder ( it's another lenovo 64bit OS).
2 )Given that the machine cannot "see" it's own shares in network places i'm wondering if the machine has a nasty lurking somewhere.
3 ) between all of use i cannot believe we can't get a W7 box to share a folder.

Bearing in mind these points is there a way of
 1. Seeing all "network/sharing issues set on the machine
 2 reverting the network/sharing side of the machine to "as just built" the thinking here is to start again but without rebuilding the machine from scratch ( not an option !).
Perhaps the world and his wife have difficulty sharing files in the new super duper OS because of a rogue registry setting of some thats pervades future attempts to avoid home groups and just share files " pre W7.
Thoughts on a postcard chaps !
Hope all's well with you and the family.
As far as postcard,   Oh well, will have to wait!  

Now to the machine. I suggest you take the printer out of the equation before going any further.
Unplug it, move it outside, whatever.
Do a repair install of the machine to get all back in sync, 20 minutes and you'll be starting from a clean point.

or spend more time looking.   Open help and Support, type network and go at it.
In search box type riliab and open monitor, check for errors as well as any possible mini dumps and also event viewer.
Look at this link for individual fixes you feel you may need

Lastly, this link is pretty comprehensive in networking dissimilar os.

Remember, delete printer before all else.
Good luck

oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
I managed to retrieve a laptop that i had lent out and built W7 32 bit Ult onto it. Following your suggestions i managed to get it to share beautifully with my XP machines and printers on my home network.
This only strenghtens my nelief that the laptop in question has got it's knickers in a twist ( professional term i wish you to remember it) and so i'm looking carefully into a repair install , however i'm loathed to do so since the machine is now a crutial piece of kit and is in constant use so any further hiccups would not be welcomed. I will however try the riliab and check output.
I won't be able to get in front of the machine untill first week in may and so untill then . Thanks a lot guys and have a good bank holiday ( p.s. it'll rain !)
OTH, thanks for the update ... definitely agree that the laptop in question has its knickers in a twist!  :)  Too funny.

By the way, if your Ricoh multifunction device is similar to the Aficio 2035e mentioned here, how about configuring this particular user with an FTP destination instead of an SMB one? Then set up a quick FTP site by installing IIS on the Win7 Pro laptop. Just a thought/potential workaround, since you're hesitant to reinstall.  :)

Have a good bank holiday! No such luck here across the pond in the U.S.  :)
Oops ... wrong link above. How about THIS one?
LOL         Have a great holiday on that end.

here's an interesting tidbit.
I was on a lan getting ready a win7 machine the other day to share in a workgroup environment with
vista. Two workgrpups in the lan, with the other workgroup being xp machines.
Sharing ok as long as I typed the path in vista.  
I decided to run this piece of software on the win7 as I figured I needed it later. Low and behold,
 suddenly I had both workgroups and all the shared folders available in explorer showing in all the
machines in both workgroups. I don't know what this installed but I'm going to use first next time I set up amy shares!  Cheers 
oldtightheadAuthor Commented:
Sorted !!!!
I spent a couple of hours on site and found the issue.
McAfee firewall and  Internet security. Yes even though it had been un-installed correctly by the Ricoh engineer !. Mcafee had to be reinstalled for a virus check between the Ricoh engineer and myself attending.
So with Mcafee Firewall and  Internet security suite active the machine would see XP machines on the network but no machine could see it. Turning the suite off allowed the W& machine to share and the scanner to send files across as needed.
But but but Mcafee had been unstalled for most of the testing and leaving the firewall down and the Internet security suite turned off was not a "professional" position.
Checking the settings within the Mcafee suite showed that the "general operating system" ports were open and that the local I.P adress range was a trusted network. Still no joy.
I ( suggested by Mcafee)  restored the factory defaults for the Firewall and internet security suite. Still no joy !. Set the local  I.P adress range to trusted and bingo !!!!!.
Moral of this saga
1. It has been heard of before that ports shut down by an un-installed security product    can stay that way !!
2. When sane men think something weird is happening on a system... something weird IS happening.
3. When European airspace is closed down due to ash and people are stuck all over the French railway MUST go on strike.
Cheers Guys
Mcafee at it again. It's no wonder I haven't touched it in many, many years.

Glad you've sorted it out.  Think of the ash cloud as a computer cloud.  
Chin up and all of that.
Good luck.

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