samsung clx-3170fn system error cycle power


 I have a samsung printer that permanently displays a system error cycle power error message almost soon as it boots up.

 I've tried cleaning it inside, taking it apart, putting the fuser, toners back, etc, but no luck, everything goes back to being blank. I've searched the web, but no luck, this is my last resort before disposing of the printer.

any help appreciated.

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aleghartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It could be a more serious problem with the controller board.  This is the equivalent of a motherboard in a personal computer.  Sometimes you can flash the firmware with an updated version, or a clean copy of the current version.

Methods vary, from network share to web gui to USB drive.

Tech support from the OEM should be able to assist.
dbhatoaAuthor Commented:
samsung replaced controller board and fuser
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