Terminal Server NLB

. the address is working locally on my LAN. Workstations on the network can access the without a problem. Any networks past my router are not able to get to the IP address. The router is not routing the requests to that IP address. and experts have determined that I should add a static ARP entry into the router in order to get the NLB address routed.
NLB is set for unicast and our routers use RIP.  A static ARP has been added to the router but ip is still not accessible from another subnet. is there something else we are missing in the NLB setup.  We are using mpls to remote sites.  The ip is accessible from the inside.
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Could you provide a diagram of your setup?

What is the source IP/IP Range  of those trying to access the terminal Server?
How are they connected?
If these are remote locations, do you have a router to router VPN that include the advertising of the network as available?
jimlottmanAuthor Commented:
It is a router to router connnection thru mpls. All other ip's from outside to inside are accessable.
ie: /24 to  this works. to does not work, this is the ip address of the nlb cluster
Could you check whether the is included in the RIP advertisement you are sending via MPLS?
What is the IP segment used to tie the MPLS link?

Show IP route on the remote side and see whether there is a route for
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jimlottmanAuthor Commented:
It is in the rip advertisement and there is route for the subnet otherwise nothing would get thru.

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Do you have other resources on the network that are accessible?
There should not be a static ARP. Can you from the access any resource on the MPLS link?

can you tracert to 192.168.1.x?
jimlottmanAuthor Commented:
they are all accessible except for the nlb ip address.
Get wireshark from www.wireshark.org and configure it on one of the terminal servers.

The problem is that it is not clear whether the terminal session request makes its way to the NLB and to the Terminal Servers behind it, but the response from one of the terminal servers does not make its way back.
The response from the various terminal Servers might use a different MAC address on the connection response which your static ARP entry would prevent..
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