Network monitoring


I'm looking for a program so i can monitor our network.
I want to monitor the speed that computers are using so i can see if they are using much speed i can do something about it, or maby something is wrong.

I have:

Small Business Server 2008 x64,
Allied Telesis GS-950/24,
Zyxel USG 200.
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nole172Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There are several options, I am sure.  We use PA Server Monitor: and am happy with it.  You can see CPU usage, memory, usage, network usage, etc., all in graphic form and also monitor services and events logs.  It is not free software, though, but I don't think it was terribly expensive..
Theun111Author Commented:
i will take a look at Poweradmin, downloading it now.
But i think i have seen a program at my school that works easy without installing a program on the clients.
Our teachers can see how many traffic a student is using, also when there is a virus that is sending spam for instance.
Is that also possible is did i see the whole working of that program wrong? if it is so i stop searching for something like that. This because i also get many computers from our clients here, then it is impossible to install a program on it before i give it internet access.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Give this one a look over (free) 
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I would recommend "WFilter Enterprise". It enables you to monitor all computers real-time bandwidth, connections and using protocols. You only need to install WFilter in ONE computer to monitor the whole network. All you need to do is to connect the WFilter computer to a mirroring port of your switch.
Theun111Author Commented:
i am trying now WFilter Enterprise, i only have to find howto setup a mirroring port on our switch.
treemonsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor can show which user overloads your network. If you have admin rights you will be able to monitor the network bandwidth without installing anything on remote computers. Otherwise, you will probably have to install agents on the remote PCs.
Theun111Author Commented:
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