VPN connection dropping


I am having trouble with two users that are using the sonic wall global VPN software. They will connect with the VPN with no problems and they are able to ping the other network and do anything else that is needed. But after about 5 minutes the VPN claims it is still connected but I am unable to ping or do anything else. They both are using comcast as the ISP provider, and there is another user and myself that does not have any problems with the VPN and we have ATT and Charter as the ISP providers. I have the timeout on the sonic wall setup to unlimited also, could it be the ISP causing the problems or something on the computers? Any ideas?
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aandoAuthor Commented:
Turns out the issue was with the router not setup for port forwarding.
I would assume if they are able to connect to the VPN initially, the ISP wouldn't be the culprit....

Would it be possible to take a machine or laptop that you know works to the home location and test?

I theorize something on that particular computer or laptop that is having the issues....
No problem! :-)
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