Securing Extranet Communication for Sharepoint (MOSS 2007)

Is there a guide or "best practices list" that will help secure Sharepoint (MOSS 2007) for extranet use?  I gather that at a minimum, I'll want antiviral protection, lock down all unecessary ports, and an SSL Cert, but beyond that I'm sure what else I need (I'd prefer a non-vpn solution).  I am particularly interested in securing communication between SQL server 2008 and MOSS 2007.  

My setup is:

- MOSS 2007
- Windows Server 2008 standard
- SQL server 2008 standard
- all software is running on the same box

Thank you for taking the time!

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Khurram Ullah KhanCommented:
one of the alternative is Portal protect from Trend micro i would recommend only these two, there are other also but i havnt tried. Forefront for sharepoint will provide upload and download scanning and also some other features you can find details on below link

yes you can change the default port by using SQL 2005 configuration manaager. SQL will ony accept authenticated and authorized connections all other connections SQL will automatically reject.
Khurram Ullah KhanCommented:
Following is an excellent link discussing MOSS security
For portal AV you can us MS forefront for sharepoint
The communication between SQL 2008 and MOSS only required SQL port(1433) to be opened.
npinfotechAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response.

That article deals with permissions mainly, and in detail, thank you!  

As far as forefront goes, are there any alternatives?  I am looking for basic protection on file upload/download to libraries and lists.  Would you also be able to go into a little more detail into what forefront protects against, and what it doesn't?

On the communication with SQL, is there a way to have the SQL server only communicate with MOSS and kill all outside requests?  Is there also a way to change the default communication port between them?  
npinfotechAuthor Commented:
Thank you khurramullah.

Does anyone else have any insights?
npinfotechAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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